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Scanning through all of the great “Made on a Glowforge” projects this morning. Felt a little lame for not posting any of my recent projects. So, leaned over as far away as the coffee table grabbed a little something and pressed print. Spent more time checking how to correctly spell Pistachio.

Suggestions for how to approach glass cabochons + jig?
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017

Love it! :blush:


I made a little acrylic M&M holder (plain chocolate ones) and template so I can custom engrave 25 M&Ms at once. Didn’t post it because of the warning not to do food in a used GF. Don’t want to be contributing to delinquent behavior while I’m on a loaner unit :slight_smile:


Did it work?


Yep. Like a champ. Theoretically speaking of course.

If one were to do it, one would engrave them on a really low (like lowest) power and really fast (like fastest) speed and low LPI so as not to burn but just mark them. But of course that’s all speculation because lasering food in a used laser is bad :slight_smile: Although I guess there are those who might argue that M&Ms aren’t food per se :smile: (My wife springs to mind on that count.)

Oh, a 1/8" piece of acrylic is fine for the holder. Just need a hole slightly smaller than the M&M (.460" springs to mind) so the M&M rests in it but doesn’t fall through.


I’ll be careful not to hypothetically try it. chuckle! :smile:


Good plan. :wink:

You might get some kind of nasty stuff on your M&Ms. 'Course you might not. But FNLs don’t like possibilities.

This is coming from a guy who has eaten a lot of “bad” things starting with paste & fingerpaints in Kindergarten and continuing to this day with all the dirt that gets scuffed up around my camping dinners. :smile:


I ate the Pistachio afterward. Don’t care who knows it.


I came back just to heart this comment. lol


Such courage should be rewarded! :open_mouth:


Hypothetically speaking :wink: since your just marking you might be able to put a sheet of food grade parchment under your acrylic holder…less “stuff” for your M&Ms to touch that way.


I’m not a FNL but I am a doctor, and while people think their food is “clean”, bwahahahaha (that’s an evidence backed evil caught). Now there are issues of directly lasering the food (some things when super heated turn nasty all by themselves) just like there are for grilling, but every contamination study for food, has highlighted that we get away with it because we have good immune systems, and good livers and kidneys to remove toxins. Even the most clean-organic food has stuff in it (because air/water/earth), heck if you touched the petri-dish of your keyboard or phone while eating you survived an impressive assault but numerous bacteria and plastic contaminants.

For instance can you detect trace amounts of plastic after lasing acrylic and then lasing the nut above on your nut? Sure, I’d believe it (I didn’t look to see if it’s studied). I do know you can detect trace amounts of plastic after a thermally closed plastic bag (often used to contain nuts - but it’s at “acceptable levels”) is welded shut around your food. The pesticides you fail to wash off (because of course they are designed to resist washing off - and you didn’t wash that vegetable with dawn or simple green) compared to the little bit of lased stuff that might be blowing around in a used laser? Not sure one is really worse.

I’m not saying it’s fine to put stuff in the laser, just saying it’s probably no worse than getting it at the supermarket for chemical contamination, and your laser might have less bacteria than your local walmart… Now interestingly not sure the reverse, of will lasering food make your GF become bacteria infested as there are splatters?


The shell protected you.

Kind of like bananas.

(for bananas one would hypothetically remove the crumb tray) :sunglasses:


Heck, M&Ms are coated in bug poop anyway…and by the way, whoever it was (can’t remember) who came up with that little gem…I haven’t enjoyed an M&M since. (Didn’t say I wasn’t eating them, just not enjoying them as much.) :relieved:


Oh, it’s not bug poop, they grind up and stew the whole bugs to get that pretty red out.


Thank yew very much! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hypothetically, how many letters fit legibly?

@rpegg, you would have been nuts not to try this. It looks great!


Okay, now I’ve gotta try that. Inspired!


You’re nuts.


My friend just asked me, “why would you engrave a pistachio nut?” My answer,“Because you can.” Muwhaha