Snapmark gone

Same as My Snapmarks feature has disappeared it appears my Snapmark has vanished. I only realized when I read the thread above and figured I’d double-check mine.

Not sure if this belongs in P&S, but since the beta’s over I figure it makes sense to get it fixed here.

Looking forward to getting it back. (I miss my little magnet icon!)


I hope the feature doesn’t really go away forever, I found it super useful for engraving on pencils and things with a jig. I can adapt but it was a nice work flow.

I totally agree to NOT removing Snapmarks.

I have a toolbox with at least a dozen screw drivers in it, as well as a magnetic one with every end point you could probably ever need.
They are all useful, depending on the job at hand.

So WHY should we limit Glowforge to only one way to do anything?

Micro-calibration is great – Snap marks are great – Set focus is great.
Keep filling up the toolbox @dan


Obviously I do, too. And I have a touch of survivor’s guilt for having a feature that others do not. But my surmise is that they really have learned from the Snapmark beta and that something even better is in the works. I only say that because I recall a conversation years ago in which Dan talked about ways they’d do something similar to Snapmark. I assumed Snapmark was that thing, but it appears it was only the beginning. I expect this isn’t the last we’ve seen of this.

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Everything on our end shows you still have Snapmark enabled. Would you mind sending a screenshot of the interface that shows there isn’t a Snapmark icon anymore? If you can try a different browser, that would help us troubleshoot as well.

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An unlikely thought… Is the GF unit selected? Snapmarks is connected to a particular machine. If your unit is not on, or is not selected, the Snapmarks icon will not be there.

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Well look at that! I wonder if it was just a weird browser issue earlier on my other computer. It’s certainly there now!

Sorry to’ve wasted your time!

Have a glowing day!


Well will ya look at that… Clearly a browser issue. I’m on that same computer again now and Snapmark is gone. Obviously nothing I need Support’s help with, but it’s definitely an interesting thing to note in case others encounter a similar issue!

Chrome on work computer:

Chrome on home computer:

Anyway, thanks, again, @stephen4!

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