Snapmarks Not Scanning

I’m excited to try the Snapmark feature on my GF, so I tried a simple test:

Two “bracket” score lines whose end points should line up, positioned between two Snapmarks.

  1. Printed the Snapmark scores and the top bracket.

  2. Moved the work piece.

  3. Hit the Snapmark button, got the “Scanning for Snapmarks…” message, aaaaand…

  4. Nothing happened.

Any idea what’s going on?


The customer Support staff doesn’t handle issues for Snapmarks, it’s still in Beta. If you want someone from the team to see it, report it on this thread:



Thanks, Jules! :+1:

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No problem! (I’ve got some notes here that might help too…worth a read.)


I had this issue first few days I had the Snapmark feature added… Mysteriously it started to work, though (think I fully logged out & back in, maybe helped reset it?)… but do review the tips provided via Jules & others on the SM thread.

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That’s heartening to read! Thank you for that, bansai8creations!

I’ll try some logout/login/power cycle voodoo and see if that helps.

Are the snap marks too close together? I find that they work best with some separation.

Thanks @Jules - that’s correct! If you have any Snapmark questions or trouble, that thread is the best place to post.

If you have any other questions, go ahead and open a new thread or email We’re here to help!