So I think I'm dumb lol

For the life of me, I have a hard time getting finger joints to fit properly. Never able to get that sweet spot of not too tight and not too loose. Well, it just dawned on me that when I put a piece of pg material in the forge, I’m not setting the focus height to the thickness of the material…I’m just letting the forge auto pick pg settings…heights aren’t all the same Ryan…
I’m sure this has just a little bit to do with it lol

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Maybe. Focus height can affect kerf thickness.

What kerf adjustment are you using?


Here is a tool to help figure out the correct kerf adjustment…


This was the other post I had bookmarked…


This usually won’t matter. The majority, if not all of the Proofgrade settings, utilize autofocus, to the best of my knowledge. While an out-of-spec piece may have trouble cutting all of the way through, the focus should be set from the scan.

If the material height field and the focal height field are the same value, it will utilize auto focus. You can set .500” on .100” material, and as long as you don’t set a separate value for the focal height field, it will scan the material and the focus will be correct.


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