this article TRUE? Glowforge not shipping unitl Q2 2016 NOW?

I haven’t seen really anything for nearly two months now as to what is actually going on with the Glowforge, and when we’re receiving our product…but this, if TRUE…is no bueno.

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Yes, this has been what they’ve been saying from the beginning if I am not mistaken. (Q2= end of June)

I don’t mind that the shipping date’s may change, I would just rather hear about it from the glowforge team vice a news article. Good, bad, or indifferent I think we should know here first(seems like it has been). And based on the search I just looked at everything that the new posts are putting out has been stated long ago.

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From the FAQ on the glowforge website:

The next step will be to ship all of our preorders. All things being equal, we’ll ship based on the order date. Our plan is to have all the units that were ordered before 10/24/15 shipped in the first half of 2016.

If you placed an order after 10/24/15, we are planning to ship in the third quarter of 2016 - that is, between July and September. Once we hit full production, though, we can start shipping units very quickly.

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had to go back and make sure I was before the cutoff… phew.

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Well Q2 is technically April 1 - June 30. So they might ship before the end of June if we are lucky.

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Wrong. It’s ALWAYS been Q1 for those of us who ordered first. That’s Jan-March.

Now this article comes out, saying it’s going to be Q2. In May, we’re read it through the grapevine that they expect shipping to begin in Q3. Etc etc.

Hmmm. Where did they say Q1? I know they have beta units out or have them going out in Q1.

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We’ve been through this many, many times on this forum. The day I ordered which was the very first day of pre-order (Sept 24th) the FAQs said… first units shipping Dec 2015 with the remainder over the next few quarters. I’m really sorry I don’t have the text but the words “over the next few quarters” were the exact words. On Nov 15th Dan posted this as a topic… Discussion thread for Update #8: Latest Update on Shipping Nothing has ever changed. Will it? Possibly. Has it? No.

BTW: we have been responding to the same argument from the same people since Oct 4th. If it’s not heard…


Ive seen it stated multiple places “first half of 2016”. Were still in january. Im not sure if talking on the forums makes it easier for me, or makes me think about it more which makes it worse! ha


I’m guessing 2nd quarter 2016 might soon become an optimistic estimate as there has been no update from the team on the status of the approval of the power supply for use in the GF (unless I missed it). Nor has there been any announcement on the production facility location which I seem to remember dan intimating would happen when finalized.

Personally, as chomping at the bit as I am to get the unit, I’d rather wait a couple extra quarters than get a product that was not quite ready for “prime time”.


I love this!
Let the crying commence…


That’s the problem. Dan had said testing units would be shipping in December. He then explained that those that purchased before X date would start getting theirs in Q1, while those who purchased AFTER X date would like wait unit Q2.

Unfortunately, people link to the FAQ, and those dates are changed constantly. NOWHERE had I ever heard Q2 was a possibility for those of us who purchased at the beginning of their sale. Now it seems as though Q2 is what forum goers are expecting…which is incredibly odd to me.

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Not trying to be rude but this bone has been chewed with you over and over. I responded to you with the words, not a link, from the FAQ on Oct 15th. [quote=“rpegg, post:9, topic:605, full:true”]
I do wish the main site had been more clear to keep folks from misunderstanding. The order page does have smallish lawyer print that says: “You are pre-ordering a product that has not yet been manufactured. We’ve tried to accurately describe it, but we may make changes before it’s delivered.” The only place shipping dates were described was in the FAQ under “When will my Glowforge ship?” which states first units in December and rollout of the rest over the next few quarters. External site videos, interviews and reviews had that information upfront.
Dan’s Nov 15th topic explains the shipping schedule.

You could easily have mistaken the “first shipments in Dec 2015” like many did and that is fair. But nowhere, ever has there been anything that says Q1. Saying it doesn’t make it true. Sorry.

BTW: I’ve been very careful in all my responses that the “official” date has not changed. No one knows whether it will slide in the future.


I have a saved mass email from Dan dated 11/23 saying the following:
“When we launched, we said “First units shipping December 2015”, and then went on to say that units purchased before October 23 would ship in the first half of 2016. Now the first shipments are about to happen! (Stay tuned for an email in a few days on how you can apply to get one of the first few beta units). However, we’ve heard from a few people who thought that all the shipments would happen in December. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. To make sure your final Glowforge is as good as it can possibly be, we’re going to start by shipping a small number of beta units starting in two weeks. We’ll build the next set of units on a small test line over the course of the month. Then, the majority of units will roll out in the first half of next year. The date that we ramp up our production and start shipping thousands of units will depend on your feedback and our quality testing, but we’re on schedule to have all units that were purchased before Oct 23 shipped in the first half of 2016. Units ordered after Oct 23 will ship in the summer of 2016.”

I also have an email from Lauren @ GF in regards to some pre-purchase questions that I had (dated 10/12) saying “The very first Glowforge units will start shipping in December 2015. Those are going to high-volume locations where they’ll get a ton of use and abuse, so we can see if we’re meeting our quality goals. From that point, we’ll know if we can ramp production immediately, or whether we need to fix any issues. Either way, our plan is to have all units shipped in the first half of 2016.”

Regardless, even if the dates do end up getting pushed, that would be for legit reasons. I want a unit I can use - not something I’d have to ship back. Though I do agree that if target “dates” ever change it should be announced here first - but clearly they’re not trying to sneak delay news out in articles since Q2 = first half of 2016 and that’s been the word since fairly early in the pre-order window.


I preordered on October 10th and never expected it Q1 Because they never said that. Where did you see that???

I think you got it in your head they will ship Q1 but idk where

When I read the cutoff date, I anxiously checked my order date…
The 22nd! Beat it by one day.
My universe is usually not so accommodating.

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IMHO I think some people seen, heard, fixated on Dec. I’ve bought a few kick starters, and the timeline is fluid, until they go hey we can do this. Now if you had a widget you were selling for half price, and you were going to be comfortable with making 100 widgets and being able to move forward and market and grow perhaps sells 1,000’s great.

Here is the rub we all have ventured down a path and been able to get something that @Dan or anyone at Glowforge never expected I’m sure it was wonderful for it to happen have the best ever kick starter. The reality sits in that they were looking at building supplying (x with $100,000) but due to the popularity and willingness of us they have to (supply x $21,000,000)

I can’t even imagine the oh shit we have to get this, this and, this and the suppliers we talked to only were expecting to have to do our projection, well that all went out the window their first couple of days and the demand I will surmise probably hasn’t lessened. As I’m sure for everyone who bails out there is another eager person wanting this.

So if you need to vent, vent, however when you invest in a company or a product that isn’t made yet it takes time. And if you want a good product that isn’t going to making you mad because it didn’t do A,B or C. I’d rather wait an extra month and get one that can do the whole alphabet. AN let me tell you Paying $4,000 on a maybe hurt, hurt a lot, However I will be happy when I have it, until then I’ll keep being Verruca Salt inside, and Charlie on the outside.


I certainly thought they were a lot closer to a final design when I placed my order. It wasn’t until a while after placing the order when I came to realize that “December Shipping” meant “December Beta Testing”. As far as I know we have no confirmation that anything actually shipped to anyone who placed an order in the month of December. Has there been any official statement on shipping Beta units? Understandably anyone who received them won’t talk, but would it be great to hear, “Hey, great news folks! The first Beta units have shipped!”. I’m nervous about the ship dates, so far we haven’t seen one in production plastic or a finished print button. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited, and chat up the GF with everyone who will listen, I just hope this doesn’t go the way of Formlabs first crowdfunding project.