Some interesting nuggets in here! - repost of fireside chat with Dan





Whoops. My bad. I missed that


Haha… it’s how you can tell who spends too much time here reading…eeevveryyythinnng…


Haha, I thought I read a lot. Turns out you’re like 10 levels higher than me. :wink:


Ive watched this about 6 times now. If only they werent so far away I could work for them…


I’m always up to date on the GF forum, but about 10,000 posts behind on the Inventables X-Carve site. With about 2ft of snow coming in Fri/Sat on this mountain maybe I can put a dent in that. It’s going to be interesting when the Glowforges start to ship. So far we have only had to deal with capabilities, brainstrorming and project status. Later will come Logistics, reliability, H/W and S/W general support, modifications, actual Glowforge projects, etc…


Right now all we can do is commiserate and be a support group for each other with visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads.
I expect once orders start shipping the lounging around the forum will drop off considerably, with a new topic category … “How do I …?”


There will be a lull, but then there will be a whole lot more discussion of things people made and sharing files etc. I cant wait for that part! … and especially my laser. I am hoping I can make a macro so that every time it starts it will play this:


Inventables has got to be the most active forum on the internet… Keeping up with my x-carve stuff is almost a full time career!


I really expected the forum to go quiet. Granted many of the new topics have been discussed before. Latent OCD impels me to read through and play nice. Good to see you getting back @JeremyNielsen, you were quiet for a while. Go change your profile for that “regular” badge. You did earn it!


Thanks man!!! I’ve been hanging around in the shadows the last while, reading and liking comments. I’ve recently decided to quit my job when I get my GF so I guess I have been more invested. :slightly_smiling:


Dan congratulations for your presentation!

I’m sure that Glowforge is going to be ending a great community!
You are creating not just a great product but much more.


Dan mentioned that he had seen some really moving posts about how people had sold cars, raided 401k funds, etc to purchase a GF. I can top them, I sold an Imperial Star Destroyer to buy mine.

I had a sealed, MIB Lego Imperial Star Destroyer ( from ~2002 sitting on a shelf in my basement. I am a HUGE Lego nerd, and parting with this is something that I didn’t consider lightly. But after looking at the GF for a few weeks, I decided that owning a GF was too important an opportunity to pass up. With great reluctance, and perhaps just a few unmanly tears, I posted it on e-bay, and immediately placed an order for a GF. While I am now sitting waiting for the GF to be ready to ship, I have had plenty of time to ponder the wisdom of my decision and I can say with one hundred percent confidence that it was a very wise move. Sure there is some risk, and I might have to wait nine months before it shows up, but I wouldn’t do things differently in retrospect.

So, Dan & Crew, there you go. I gave up a STAR DESTROYER for a GF. Who else can make that claim? :wink:


Woah. That’s dedication!!! Impressive.

I canceled my trip to Norway that I had been saving for for three years.


Thanks for the vote of confidence, friends. It means a lot to us - and we don’t take it lightly.

@hroger1030, I think you’re going to have to make an even more amazing laser-cut star destroyer with your glowforge!

@JeremyNielsen, I don’t know how you’re going to make a laser cut Norwegian. :wink:


It’s a little sad what people have given up, but as a consolation prize @JeremeyNielsen will have the opportunity to laser lutefisk. The great thing about lutefisk is the glowforge can’t possibly make it worse :wink:.


@dan Oh, I will find a way. Oh, I will… insert mad scientist laugh here

@caribis2 Hmmm… lutefisk wallets anyone?


I only gave up the first “real” vacation that I had planned in the last 15 years. (where I actually would have went somewhere, lol) I was going to attend Steamposium, which also would have been my first large steampunk event. At least, I’ll have much better costuming for the next one!


(In line with the most recent posts in this thread)
You could say I gave an arm and a leg to get mine😀 3 yrs ago I was run over by a large SUV while riding a motorcycle. A portion of the settlement money that was not spent on hospital bills or put away for future issues went to buy my GlowForge. I guess my sacrifice wasn’t as intentional as others and to be honest not sure I’d have considered the purchase otherwise. That does not however make my excitement and and anticipation any less!