Some magnet info

I’ve been wanting to make some fridge magnets of my cats, for the cat shelter to sell along with my cards. Turns out they cut just fine in the GF. The magnet sheet I used was this stuff.

My cutting conditions were: 2 passes of Speed 250, Power 100, focus height 0.026".
The second pass gives you lots of fun sparks!

Here’s the interesting part: I was afraid that the heat would demagnetize this fairly weak material. Turns out that doesn’t seem to be the case. But I did a little research anyway and found this cool article: Remagnetizing Fridge Magnets on how to remagnetize flexible fridge magnets. You have to place neodymium ring disc magnets on a bolt so they repel each other, tighten the bolt, and swipe the assembly across the sheet magnet, which realigns the magnetic field (or something). I went ahead and ordered some of the magnets, although I now need to get to the hardware store to get a bolt that will go through the discs. I also ordered the coolest thing of all: a small sheet of magnetic field viewing film. It works great! Here’s a view of the cut magnets as viewed through the film:

And here’s what the sheet magnet looks like before cutting:


I took one of the magnets I had cut and deliberately messed up the magnetic field by rubbing a strong neodymium magnet over it. You can really see the difference:

I’m hoping that once I get a bolt that fits, I’ll be able to restore that piece to its original condition.

Anyway, just thought this might be of interest!


That is so cool!

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How do you find this stuff? That is simply awesome! :grinning:

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Did you get metal filings in your machine after cutting the magnet sheet?

The edges were a little crumbly, and if I was to do much of this I’d probably be cleaning out the honeycomb fairly often. I can’t really see down there without taking it apart.

These are almost certain to contain vinyl chloride and not laser safe. I have yet to find any self adhesive magnetic sheets that are appropriate to laser.

Although you can buy sheet magnet material that is laminated to PVC, that is not the case for this material.

Here is one description I found of the magnet material: Elastic rubber with embedded magnetised strontium ferrite powder.


That’s good to hear. All the MSDS sheets I’ve been able to find on this stuff lists PVC, but I see the laminated vinyl version is not the same thing.

Correct. I use them for my classes (students make their own refrigerator magnets). They are safe to use. I believe they’re also on the Trotec and Epilog materials lists as well which I tend to use as a good place to check quickly for usability questions.