Some members of Tested talk about getting their Glowforge


i like his point about coming from a 3d printing background the glowforge feels practically instant despite some criticisms that it might be comparatively slow.


FYI, this is the thread about his broken/replacement machines.


While I am reading up on FDM 3D printers, I note that there is a lot more to design and setup to get a product done. Glowforge is pretty simple, although a very different machine. Guess I can be waiting on two things to finish printing now.


I’m running a 2-3 hour job on an SLA 3D printer right now. It’s likely to fail, and I’ll have to run it again. Then I’ll have to spend 30-45 minutes cleaning all the excess wet resin off of it, cutting off supports and sanding down the little nubs left behind. Drop it into a UV light box for post curing.

The irony, the design is just a flat plate background about 1/8" thick with 1/4" thick lettering on top. Total candidate for laser cutting and would take mere minutes to do with no post-finish work needed other than gluing the letters down.

This type of project is exactly why I jumped on the Glowforge when I saw it.


Oh yeah. (a LOT more.) :no_mouth:
(You’ll have fun with it though.)


What a relief. This is the most I ever spent on a tool. It’s nice to know if something is not right it’s going to be okay


Just pointed out Draftboard™ in the Youtube comments as they mentioned cardboard for prototyping. Love how they pointed out the activity levels here on the forum!

Fyi: tried to quickly find a Vietnam era “draft board” image to insert here based on comments made on the forum, but all I got was basketball pics. Adding “Vietnam” gave the Google better context.

Fyi #2: no humor there once you add “Vietnam.”


Surprised at the errors here. Makes me wonder about how seriously I should rely on their reviews. Hope they get it right when they get their unit to do their review.

(“Full size 12x20 is now supported”, “no red don’t cut zone”, small filter, Pro has “infinite Z axis”, “only Pro difference is 5 more watts” - oh, and that infinite Z axis :slight_smile:️)


Why, why, why… Y. :smile:


i mean, trust the reviews you read that have measurable benchmarks, mostly. everything else should be verified with the oem.

the z axis is an easy mistake just as a mental typo. the red cut zone is referring to the software limited cuts that were recently expanded. the pro stuff i’d agree was insufficient, since i think the biggest difference for the pro is the passthrough (the other improvements are cool but less fundamental i think).

It really is hard to compare the two as they are so different. Sometimes design is quicker for the 3d printer depending on what you are doing but the setup is always more.

Now that I have a :glowforge: , a 3d printer and a cnc the later get used for unique things that the :glowforge: won’t do. Any project that could be done on any of the three is definitely going to the :glowforge:.


Maybe if they kept podcasts short and sweet instead of rattling on for two hours, they wouldn’t burn out their mental focus. :slight_smile: I won’t listen to them anymore, it’s just too big of a chunk.


Still can’t cut the 20.4" x 11.5" we’re supposed to get to. There’s a no-cut zone. Or maybe that’s just the PRUs.

Ditto. Although I’m starting to do some dual tool projects (making cheese boards that are about 2" thick total but the top 1/2" comes off and the lower 1 1/2" is dished by the CNC to provide a resting place for the cheese knives) where the CNC does the shaping & carving and the GF does the fine engraves (might do some v-carving with the CNC mixed with laser engraves).

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there was a medium forum hubbub recently about it expanding. i have no idea what it is currently, only that it expanded from what it was. it may not be what it’s supposed to be, i can’t say since i don’t have one.

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Nope, still not there. I have to move material from side to side to get full width

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Yup, I look fwd to the day I complete a project that has used every digi-fab tool I have as well as dumb tool or two.


I can’t believe his Glowforge got trashed in UPS… twice! Ugh.


This is the literal reason I switched. I had my 3d printer newly purchased, it took actual days to print anything with it and the final product looked like, well, crap. Saw the GF, saw finished high quality results in minutes. Returned the 3D printer the same week.

I know 2 drivers at UPS. No surprises there from some of the stories i’ve heard. They are umm highly motivated to throw your package out of the truck without even stopping if they can get away with it.


yeah, it takes more work to finish 3d prints. different tool, ofc.