Some of the stuff I've been saving up for inspiration for projects


Here’s is my Pinterest board for cool prints I’ve found over the past couple of years. Some I might use straight from the source, some are just ideas on how to do certain cool things that I have in mind.
Thought I’d share my board to see who else wanted to share.




Those are a lot of Ukiyo-e (Japanese Woodblock prints). Look up David Bull of Mokuhankan on youtube to see how they are actually made. I have a friend that got inspired by the man and has taken up woodblock carving since.

I’d love to take a laser-stab at him and engrave a print on blocks without all the manual labour. It’s one of the projects I have in my creative projects folder.

Looking forward to what you are going to make!


I thought for sure there was another thread where several folks shared links to their Glowforge-related Pintrest boards but I just can’t find it.


Those are some great choices! (Love all the deco stuff.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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i’m like 95% sure i’ve seen everything that can possibly be found on pinterest for anything related to lasers and scroll saws and engraving and cutting…

what no, i haven’t been stockpiling projects, who, me?


Yup. I had to break my laser project Pintrest board into Glowforge Jewelry Inspiration, Glowforge Signage Inspiration, and about a half dozen other boards.


i really ought to break mine up, too.

and i need to clean up the multiple folders of inspirations, plans, and links in my “glowforge” folder on my computer, too.


Thanks for the tip!!
I figured the :glowforge: would be awesome for woodblock printing, so I started collecting reference on it.

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I also need to better organize my boards, I have very specific boards and some that are a hodgepodge of stuff… :crazy_face:

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Here’s that old thread.


Hmm, much easier to find if you search for the correct spelling of Pinterest. Thanks!


That’s a great collection! never thought of Pinterest as inspiration for laser cutting until now, I’ll have to resurrect my account!


You have some great items saved, and it’s nice to see a fellow Totoro fan!

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Thanks!! I love Pinterest and Tumblr, I use them for work all the time. And yes Miyazaki is a master!

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We have a lot of the same stuff saved and we have similar taste :slight_smile: If I come across anything good I’ll share with ya.

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Hey, great minds think alike, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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