Some Quick Celebration Projects

Here are a couple quick projects I did today for a retirement and a birthday.

The retirement gift is for a friend who likes wine (which I know nothing about, so I had to solicit advice from the sales guy). I wanted a tag to put on the bottle to personalize it. The design came from one of those cool bundle deals Creative Market puts on. Here’s a link to the graphics. I did change the fonts for Adventure and Begins, so I could add matching text (the original type was outlines). After peeling off the masking from those words, I colored the leather (Proofgrade 1.5oz) with Copic markers.

Oh, and take my advice when you are using this lightweight leather: tape it down to the honeycomb or use magnets. AMHIK.

The other item is for my sister’s birthday celebration next weekend. I used the same flashing LED base as I used for my Mother’s Day sign. This time I used Chemcast 1/4" acrylic. That was too wide for the slot at the bottom, so I engraved a wide bar along the bottom at 340lpi, flipped the sign over, and engraved again on the other side (learned this from @marmak3261’s angel night lights).

Then I dusted my hands off and was done!


Those look great! (And at first I thought that the green wrap at the top of the bottle was what you made, because only part of the picture displays…could not figure out how you wrapped it so tightly! Chuckle!)


Lol me too…then I clicked on the pic and though…oh…makes sense now :smile:
Love it. Love the coloring too


Look great (once I clicked on the photo to see the full reveal. Strange browser behavior)!

And the edgelit looks great and now I remember that they change colors and I had mine at green the whole time at BAMF. Details, details. Too many details!


No, that one you had only has green. They sold them as flashing but I got 3 out of 5 that were green only (out of 2 shipments). Hmmmmm…


Thanks. Now I don’t feel so bad!


Those are beautiful @cynd11!
But I think you ate missing out on the wine part!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :wine_glass:

Edit: think I’m too tired and had a glass already that I’m fat thumbing!


The problem is, I either get headaches or I start wheezing, when I drink wine. I’ve tried, but it’s just not worth it.


Major allergy! I’m also allergic to the mold that’s naturally in beer and wine. If I drink wine that wasn’t sealed properly and has too much mold, the same happens to me. Only happened once, never again.


Usually it’s the sulfites…have the same problem. Have you tried the ullo wine filter to remove them? I bought one and only tried it once so far so it’s still inconclusive.


You can insert a piece that does fit, trace the curving base profile and then trace it on the GF (or scan it into a graphics program and trace it). Then the engrave will precisely match the slot. That’s what I did to use 1/4" - 1/8" is a little too thin, 1/4" a little too thick for the slot.

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My LED bases hold 4mm material…
I have some 1/16" acrylic stock and weld it onto my 1/8" stock on the part that goes in the slot…holds tight. Could probably do the 1/4" engrave thing too but since you dont see the extra piece it doesnt matter…and since I frost etch the surface only, the 1/8" Acrylic works great…

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I’m going to work up a design to use the .21 chemcast. Engrave a little arc in it so that it fits right in. This is what I did on the night lights. Adds some time to the engrave but it does make it snug in the slot!

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When I first started using those bases I would put a strip of Gorilla tape on it.

Then one day I did the dope slap and said "I have a laser after all":stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: When I did the trace last summer (onto some cardstock I did think “this would be easier if I had the Glowforge”). :slightly_smiling_face:


Never heard of that–I’ll have to look for it.

I was hoping nobody would notice my dumb move! I did the dope slap too. My base was upstairs when I was designing downstairs and I forgot about the nonflat profile. Next time!


I am new to glowforge and run an after school program that we were able to purchase a glowforge plus. I am hosting a ping pong championship and want to make a winner plaque like this. Can you tell me how about I can do this?

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. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s actually not a plaque, but an edge lit acrylic lamp. There are literally hundreds of postings about edge lit acrylic, so if I were you I’d do a forum search for those terms and see if you can find a relatively recent posting where they are recommending which lamp base to get. They are fairly inexpensive. As far as the acrylic goes, you just need to flip your design horizontally and engrave it on the back (looks better that way when lit).


Thank you!!