Pre-Release | Mother's Day Part 2: Edge Lit LED Sign



I made another item for Mom for Mother’s Day, because who doesn’t like a flashing edge lit LED sign with a crown on top? Cut from Proofgrade 1/8" acrylic.

Here it is flashing:

And a closeup of the “jewels,” which I did by filling in the engraved areas with UV resin to which I added some PearlEx mica powders (Interference Gold for the diamonds and I think it was True Blue for the oval) before exposing to UV light:

The LED light was one I bought off of Ebay a long time ago based on a recommendation from @jamesdhatch. They are now up to about $5.50-6.00 each. I just ordered three more, because I think this sort of thing is going to be popular.

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The video doesn’t seem to play? Just a black square.

I didn’t know you could do that. It’s the same stuff as in SLA printers?


Holy crap that is going to be an awesome gift! You are definitely going to be her favorite child now. Bring the lawyer with you, she’ll want to change that will to say it’s all going to you now.


Hmmm, it plays on my computer (it’s an .mp4) but maybe it doesn’t play on mobile devices.

I don’t have any experience with 3D printers so I don’t know if it’s the same type of stuff or not. What I used was Magic-Glos, same stuff I used on my autoharp buttons.


I have no problem playing the video. Win7. Firefox.


Absolutely beautiful! Your Mom will love this!


Not the same stuff, chemically, but similar in that it will cure when exposed to UV. Resins used in SLA printers are tuned to a much smaller range of wavelengths that will cure them, usually right around 405nm to match more common UV laser diodes on the market.

More widely available UV resins will cure under much broader wavelength ranges, and they’re usually WAY cheaper than SLA resin (which runs $125-$200 per liter)


I got a Slash (UniZ) SLA printer which uses a unique frequency (deep indigo) but makes sense that in this application you don’t need the super narrow band. And yes, the resin is insanely expensive. Someone asked how fast my printer will be able to print, and I quoted “it can print at $100/hour”


I’m on an iMac… Haven’t tried on my phone actually.


I might be able to translate it into a better format. What would work best?


So works in Chrome, but not safari or mobile safari. No idea why…


wow - absolutely gorgeous. Thx for the tip wrt mica powder in UV resin. I worried that putting anything in uv resin might block out the light so it wouldn’t cure. Thx for letting me know it is do-able :slight_smile:

this is a good resource for UV epoxy - . It’s probably the world’s worst website, but the UV epoxy is really good. Excellent doming. And, for those of us who are mess-challenged, be sure to put some wax paper under your project before curing under a uv lamp (yes, I have a lump of dripped epoxy permanently stuck to a work surface so I speak from experience here :confounded: )


Depending what your work surface is, often you can pop epoxy loose by wedging a sharp item like a plastic scraper/razor underneath an edge. Just get the edge loose and often the rest of it will pop right up. I like using a glass tabletop surface for resin work because if you do drip or spill, you can either clean up right away with acetone which won’t damage the glass, or let it cure then just run a razor scraper over the table and it comes right up.


thx - it’s glass, so I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:


Soooo cool!!!


Discourse has had this issue with videos in Safari for a while. Presumably the @discourse people will fix it at some point. I think the problem is that the server sets the Content-Disposition to “attachment”:

$ curl -I
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Mon, 01 May 2017 22:07:36 GMT
Content-Type: video/mp4
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Safari users can right-click on the blank spot and choose “Open Video in New Window”; this will cause the video to download (due to the “Content-Disposition: attachment”) and the downloaded video will play fine. I don’t know why Safari refuses to play embedded videos when they’re marked as attachments, but it’s been an issue for years.

How to Use Photoshop to Reduce a Raster file Size

Of course Discourse could use the HTML5 video tag in which case the problem goes away… Because 2017…


But they do use the <video> tag. Here’s the HTML that Discourse is using:

<p>Here it is flashing:<br>          <video width="100%" height="100%" controls="">
            <source src=""></source>
            <a href=""></a>

The problem is that when a video mentioned in a <source> tag is served with the “Content-Disposition: attachment” header, Safari refuses to display it. It’s a Safari bug, I think. (I’m not completely certain; the semantics of content-disposition were developed for email, not the web, and I’m not sure how it’s supposed to interact with the HTML5 <video> tag. I think old versions of Firefox also had the same problem. But all non-Safari browsers today allow embedding videos that are set as attachments, so Apple should change Safari to match.)

In any case, @discourse should be able to work around it by changing their Content-Disposition header.


Why? The rest of the world is wrong and should change their implementations. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The video is great! Having colored LEDs make such a difference.