"Sorry we are having trouble calibrating, try turning the glow forge off and on.“ Just got it and it won't connect


Just got my glowforge and It won’t connect after the setup,
"Sorry we are having trouble calibrating, try turning the glow forge off and on. If that doesn’t help contact Support@glowforge.com

I turn it on and off and it doesn’t do anything different, Ive left it plugged for 10 minutes and no help


I have read in the forum that it sometimes has to do with lighting in the room…overhead or sunlight through a window. Otherwise, with the machine off, with your hand, move the the laser head/gantry under the lid camera. Close the lid and power on.


It started working!! thanks!


@apix! Where have you been! I haven’t seen you post in a while! The stuff you were making with your Chinese laser was awesome. I can’t wait to see what you make with the Glowforge!


Great! I won’t have my own GF for another couple of months. but I hope to be able to minimize any frustration on my own with the guidance from others I have picked up while waiting.


I found that moving the head to the middle just below the camera (while power was off) and then turning it on would get it to calibrate every time.


I started having this issue today… i have tried moving the head in different positions while it was OFF. Also turned it off and on again multiple times with various times between… Still wont calibrate. I emailed support.


You should not move it while it is turned on. That can cause damage. Only move the head by hand while the Glowforge is switched off.


I meant OFF lol sorry


I’m glad you resolved it! @ben_marton, I’ve followed up to your e-mail too. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!