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Well, if it doesn’t turn out well, then drown it in ketchup.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@dan_berry @jamesdhatch We’ve been beaten to the punch on this by these two posts.

It looks like the guy in the fancy apron and french accent in the video Steak Laser Engraving - DNTAH - Do Not Try This At Home - YouTube drew then cooked. After sous-vide gives you a representative final surface, searing in a graphic prior avoid your food cooling during printing.

Then again, a good sear probably erases any graphic. I’m also not putting a seared steak in my GF.

This should maybe be a new topic. If Matt an I actually do this I’ll post the results on the forum.


:scream: Why would you do that to a steak!


Ha! Great reply!


I don’t think that’s the worst part of that steak’s day :wink:

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Well I don’t know what the cost difference would be but why couldn’t you replace the original basic housing with the pro housing so you could have the pass through slot so that size change wouldn’t really matter as much

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The Pro version has a different laser tube.

Also, because of the slot, it changes the unit from a Class 1 to a Class 4 laser. I want to say that additional safety components are installed internally.


I thought the only reason the pro was a class 4 was because of the more powerful laser not the slots

Pass through + deep engraving supported by Glowforge is why I upgraded from basic to pro.

If they add passthrough to the basic model I’d want to be refunded that difference and go back to the basic.

I wonder about about the logistics of offering downgrades. Canceling and re-ordering wouldn’t be a functional path, the price has changed since then.


No, the pass thru is the only reason it’s a Class IV. If the Pro didn’t have that slot it would also be a Class 1.


yeah, it’s entirely due to the potential for leakage.


This is correct. The housing makes it a Class 4.


I recently downgraded from Pro to Basic without filter. I just emailed support@glowforge.com with my request, we exchanged a couple more emails to hammer out the details, and a few days later they sent me a check for the difference. They sent a check because I originally payed with PayPal and it had been more than a year since my purch… it had been a year since the original transaction.

The amount refunded was reflective of the price at the time, not of current prices. (I assumed that would be the case, but it was a question I had so I figured I’d pass it along in case anyone else had that question.)


First hand experience, nice.

I wonder how that works for many request but the precedent is set. If the passthrough becomes available on the basic I likely follow you back down to the basic.

Thanks for sharing.


The basic is intended to be a Class I laser, so it can be used in schools and such, but the passthrough would automatically make it Class IV. So it’s never getting passthrough.


@dan has stated that there won’t be a retro-fit of a Basic to a pass through.

The Class of Laser change is a big issue, but he commented about other items also.

True enough. But he did mention it’s likely possible to fit and adapt the 45W to the basic. That’d be something.

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Seems like they’d have to create a new category, option or purchase structure to allow the 45W in the Class 1 enclosure.

I’d imagine they stick with the current offerings as-is to ship this first batch. If the offerings expand it’s likely after the backer units are out the door.

Basic class 1, pro class 4 with optional filter on either seems like the the right way to go from the outset.

Future purchase structures may split head from enclosure as per Thomas’ info.

  1. pick the head(s) (currently basic/pro laser tubes)
  2. pick from the compatible enclosure(s) (class 1, class 4)
  3. then pick from a list of optional compatible filter(s).

That works with the exchangeable head (and likely filter) model.


I found the mentions…

  • Tom

that is what I would like the 45w tube and optics in the basic cabinet, speed + be able to use it in public.
Hope they make that an option before the ship date.

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