Splendor Box (Board Game)

Inspired by this: Splendor Board Game Box

I made this :slight_smile:

(4 versions in the background so no one thinks I got this right on the first try!)
I had to fold the rule book in 4 to get it to fit, so I’m thinking of putting the little things we need reminding of (how many coins/# of people) on the inside cover instead, but for now:

Splendor Box.zip (231.6 KB)


(thanks to @geek2nurse on another thread I now know the image wouldn’t show because the forum can’t do rasters inside vectors in .svgs without zipping)

Fixed :slight_smile:

Made with 3mm Baltic Birch cut using :proofgrade: maple settings to cut, Draft photo for the front image, and Draft graphic for the spine. No glue (yet) :slight_smile:

I did prep the front image by converting to b/w and then adjusting the curve based on this post: Prepare photo for engraving tutorial


I can see you’re having fun. :sunglasses:
Inclusion of the paper mock-up reflects your attention to detail… and every iteration.
I would be tempted to seal the engraving on the front cover. The degree of burn is the shading/patina, and any surface abrasion, just surface contact with anything else will affect it.

Nice combination of design possibilities. The living hinge id always a favorite.


How did you cut living hinges in cardboard? They’ve caught on fire the few times I’ve tried!

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Honestly never had a problem using the settings @Jules posted way back when. Amazon cardboard FTW :slight_smile:


I’m also considering staining the box overall just to darken it - but yeah. I have a can of spray sealer that I should use…next weekend :slight_smile:

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Really like the way the coins fit into the spine

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Very cool share—thank you!

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Thanks for sharing

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That was totally inspired by the Etsy post. I’m not sure I would have thought of that without seeing it first, but it’s brilliant!

Who doesn’t love a living hinge box? Great job!


Printed this. Made this. Like this.

I have a question though: what is the locking mechanism? It seems like there’s intent for something since there’s a couple of tiny holes, but I can’t figure it out.

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Looks like the two tabs each on the top and bottom on the front would be enough, but I’m not the designer here! :slight_smile:

Yay! My plan was to put in a metal hook that would be tightened through the lid hole, and stick into the base hole…what I’m currently using is a rubber band because I suck at finishing details!


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They help, but are not enough if you want to store it upright book-style

@deirdrebeth my local Michaels didn’t have any small box clasps when I went to look today; strange because I could have sworn I bought clasps from them before. Either way I’m not sure if the 1/8" material would be enough to attach the hardware. I like your idea of a hook kind of thing. Another idea I’m tossing around is some kind of strap; maybe rivet in a snap or button or something.

I also suck at finishing details… if the proofgrade material didn’t come pre-finished I’m sure mind would still be bare wood

Thanks again for posting the design!

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I love your design! I was thinking of adapting it for other game boxes for my own use, if that’s OK. The curvy bits you have on either side of the round tokens - are those to shorten the length to make the fit better for the tokens, or to make the hinge go around the box neater, or both?


Love that game!!!


Feel free- my design was inspired by someone else’s too!
When you finish yours post a link here because I’d love to see them! I’m actually just finishing up on a version for Code Names so I’ll be posting that here hopefully this week.

The Cs are there so the space is exactly correct for the tokens. If I made the whole box smaller there wasn’t room for the cards :slight_smile: You’ll note that in my initial design the Cs aren’t supported…those broke, so if you do something like that be sure to add supports! The curves on the outside edges make the living hinge curve correctly - I’ve said to myself that if I did that again I’d flatten the very tips of those outside curves, because as of now the flat part for the name kind of balances on the curve (I guess I could wet the wood and bend it too…)

That box is still up and running a year, and many uses, later - so it’s sturdy too!

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