Splendor Box (Board Game)

Inspired by this: Splendor Board Game Box

I made this :slight_smile:

(4 versions in the background so no one thinks I got this right on the first try!)

I had to fold the rule book in 4 to get it to fit, so I’m thinking of putting the little things we need reminding of (how many coins/# of people) on the inside cover instead, but for now:

Splendor Box.zip (231.6 KB)


(thanks to @geek2nurse on another thread I now know the image wouldn’t show because the forum can’t do rasters inside vectors in .svgs without zipping)

Fixed :slight_smile:

Made with 3mm Baltic Birch cut using :proofgrade: maple settings to cut, Draft photo for the front image, and Draft graphic for the spine. No glue (yet) :slight_smile:

I did prep the front image by converting to b/w and then adjusting the curve based on this post: Prepare photo for engraving tutorial


I can see you’re having fun. :sunglasses:
Inclusion of the paper mock-up reflects your attention to detail… and every iteration.
I would be tempted to seal the engraving on the front cover. The degree of burn is the shading/patina, and any surface abrasion, just surface contact with anything else will affect it.

Nice combination of design possibilities. The living hinge id always a favorite.


How did you cut living hinges in cardboard? They’ve caught on fire the few times I’ve tried!

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Honestly never had a problem using the settings @Jules posted way back when. Amazon cardboard FTW :slight_smile:


I’m also considering staining the box overall just to darken it - but yeah. I have a can of spray sealer that I should use…next weekend :slight_smile:

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Really like the way the coins fit into the spine

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Very cool share—thank you!

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Thanks for sharing

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That was totally inspired by the Etsy post. I’m not sure I would have thought of that without seeing it first, but it’s brilliant!

Who doesn’t love a living hinge box? Great job!

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