Codenames Box - Stepping it up a notch!

A while back I made a box for my Splendor game and while I’m (still) totally pleased with that design, I wanted to make a fancier one.

My friend asked me to do something for the game of Codenames, with the expansion and was willing to pay for materials. Et voila!

Mahogany is pretty right out of the planer, it’s downright gorgeous after adding Tung oil!

A bunch more photographs




The image of Daniel Craig and the quote were upon request - they wanted it on the cover, but also wanted a deep red wood, so the compromise was 1/16" mahogany lined with basswood veneer and Daniel on the inside :slight_smile:

Rear cabinet - open:

Rear cabinet - closed:

Close up of hinge (if the living hinge ever fails the box is solid behind it, it’s decorative):

Tab to make it easier to open:

Filled with the game:

Conveniently when the rear cabinet is open it’s flap holds the whole box open :slight_smile:

This is not an easy box, and I didn’t take process photos - so be prepared! I went through 38.5 iterations of this before I got one I was happy with - and there are still little tweaks I’d make if I did another one!
The design is below - it’s in two parts because when it was all together it was a touch much for the :glowforge: (right click and save as)
CodeNames Box V38.5
CodeNames Box V37

1/16" & 1/8" Mahogany from Ocooch
PG Basswood veneer
Wood glue
Tung oil
Time, time, time

Everything was cut using the PG basswood hardwood settings for the appropriate thickness.

*As expected the living hinge on the spine finally broke, so I cut this out of leather and scored the hinge pattern, then after sanding the edges to a point so they’d lay flat glued it on.
CodeNames Box Hinge Fix_V1


Thank you for sharing the result of all you iterations and hard work. Very generous.


Beautiful wood.


Yes, very gorgeous wood! Great turnout! You are very kind to share your work.

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