Split letters

i need to split the letter M (glowforge font meddon) in half in two pieces . can anyone do that for me?

If you can be a little more specific it would be helpful. If you’re just wanting to cut it in half, you can add a line and choose cut and it will cut it in half…but not sure what you’re trying to do.

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yes i want to cut it in half. but you cant do it with glowforge software so i don’t know how to do it

Are you trying to make a monogram? You’ll have to export the M to your computer and do that in the design software. Where are you needing it cut?

It’s not what you asked for but it’s what you need:


There are a bunch of tutorial videos about how to make these sorts of monograms, if you spend a little time watching/reading you’ll have it all figured out.


M Split

I don’t really know what you need. I exported the letter from the interface and brought it into Inkscape.

One of the M’s is split by a line I drew and “division.” I grouped it together, but if you ungroup it, it can be moved around.

The other M I took out the center part and added a rectangular border. You can probably break that apart and move it around too. The last is just the M for you to play with.


Above and beyond!


cmadok the m too the right on the bottom is what i need, how do i save it now…

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