Spreadsheet for Non-Proofgrade Materials

Did anyone happen to save the spreadsheet, I checked today and it was deleted in Google Sheets.

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This was copied in late 2020.
Material Settings.xlsx (9.3 KB)

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There’s a reference list here: GUG Reference List - Google Drive

I think this is from one of the facebook groups?


I’ve still got access to this one…

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here you go i saved this soon after i received my glowforge

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Thank you Jonathan, I see this is also on google drive. Was the link changed or did you create a copy before the original was deleted? Just curious, but thanks again.

Thank you Deirdre,

I was looking for the one that was in the beyond the manual site. I managed to get a copy of the it I attached it for you. it has several sheets for things like links for material providers, best practices etc…
Glowforge Settings 2022_t.xlsx (524.9 KB)


Thank you

i made a copy

Wow - this is fantastic. I have such a lot to learn from all you wonderful helpful people. Hugs

Hey everyone. I need help. Ocho hardwood .125 plywood. I have masked it for cleaner engraving. I can’t cut all the way through. I have tried manual settings, speed 200, full power, even tried 2 passes. Not even close to through on the back side. This is my first time masking on my own. Purchased masking tape off Amazon.

I assume you mean Ocooch hardwood 0.125" plywood?

Got a link to the product?

Got pics of what’s happening?

Cleaned your optics lately? Check the lens orientation.

0.125" baltic birch plywood should easily cut at 200/full/2x, regardless of whether you have a basic or pro.

What model do you have?

Check out #5 for more suggestions as to why it’s not cutting, and #6 for advice about testing settings:

I think you do have a problem, either your material isn’t BB (some plywoods are very hard to cut, but BB tends to cut easily) or you have a lens orientation/ dirty optics issue.


I have the basic. And yes baltic birch plywood. I have cut this wood many times (including the piece I am testing with masking). Yes, I cleaned the lenses a couple days ago, have hardly used it sense. #5 and #6 under …

Thank you

Check the lens orientation, that’s the most common thing that can cause “suddenly it’s not cutting”. If you put it in upside down it’s all messed up. The easiest way to tell is that your cuts will look too wide and simply not get through things.

From #5 in that common questions post, a guide to how to see if your lens is upside down:

And Glowforge’s official guide:


It wouldn’t stop it cutting but double checking on this - when you say masking tape - you don’t mean the stuff they sell to painters, right? It’ll work, but it’s way more expensive/thick than paper masking is!

image vs image


no, regular paper masking tape. I found the issue in the head. Got the lense in correctly and everything is working great.

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Thank you for reposting this. What a comprehensive list! Helpful place to start.

Hi. Do you have a desktop copy of that file? The link is dead.