Square Shot Glass Engraving Jig

I’ve updated the SVG file with cutting, assembly and usage instructions. Hopefully this will help you out @zipp, let me know how it goes.


Thanks for all your help!

I wonder if anyone can help me with this issue I’m having. I want to make the jig to do more than 1 glass at a time but I don’t have the material at the moment to do that, so I’ve been doing one glass at a time. I ran into an issue where it randomly said “Unable to complete print” and says my measurements are off even tho I’ve literally not changed a thing other than the shot glass in the machine. This is after multiple successful shot glasses. I’m using the exact same square shot glasses as used in this post. The shot glass itself is 1.7" so when it comes to selecting the material and focus height, what measurements should I use so it doesn’t keep saying I need to be up to .5" with tray and 0 - 1.5" without tray / Motion Planning Error.

The crumbtray is about 1.4" tall. And I mean about. There are slight differences. If your shot glass was 1.7" tall that means it is 0.3" higher than the crumbtray, or 0.3" higher than the zero point. So IF your measurements are accurate you would enter 0.3" for the material height. But just use the Set Focus tool because it should take the measurement automatically.


I appreciate the reply. The weird think is I’ve been running the glasses as mentioned. I took one successful glass out, put another in, hit print but then it randomly started with the material measurement error even tho I never changed a setting. I had 15 successful runs. I’m apparently also now getting a “An error occurred while preparing this print” message.

When you say use the Set Focus tool, I’m not familiar with that? Where is that tool?

A new feature added 2 weeks ago.

You also may have missed Introducing Lid Camera Calibration

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That set focus tool fixed my issue, I really appreciate it. I’m still just confused as to why it randomly started throwing errors in middle of my run after it completed multiple glasses and nothing changed other than the glass I put in the bed of the printer.

Could have been anything from the external lighting causing a glare, the head camera having some dirt, or just might be hit and miss to pick up material height on glass.

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This SVG is a layered design, you’ll have to open this up in Inkscape (or whatever) to print each layer independantly. You’ll find the sides as part of the middle and bottom layers. They are part of the material that is cut out to create the shot glass holes.

Hope this helps.


I just tried opening the jig and only saw a single page. Sorry to bother you with this, but I’m wondering if you can offer any guidance. I’m excited to try this out, my shot glasses are arriving tomorrow!

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There is only one page with multiple layers. In the instructions, he explains which layers need to be turned on and off at various stages of the project. The layers are labeled Instructions, engrave, cut all, top, middle and bottom.

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong here. When I open it, all I see is this:

Actually, I’ve managed to open it in Inkscape. I’m going to try to fumble my way through figuring out how to do it. thanks!

This jig is certainly useful to hold these specific glasses, but if you don’t have snapmarks enabled, you’re going to need to spend some time ensuring correct alignment before committing to a print.

Many thanks for the suggestions. Folks on this forum are so helpful and kind! And the design of this jig is really cool. I think I have it figured out but we’ll have to see tomorrow. I have a lot to learn, that’s for sure, but this provided a lesson in the functionality of Inkscape.

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Update: 98% success! I cut and assembled the jig. I had to sand the slots out just slightly to get the glasses to fit because I used proofgrade medium draftboard. I also used the film of dish soap. They came out beautifully.
Shockingly, I do have snapmarks enabled, but it did not read the snapmarks scored on my jig. I tried cleaning the camera lens but it still didn’t read. Anyone have any suggestions?
Many thanks to @JeffK for the jig design and suggestions, and to @dklgood and @eflyguy for weighing in. I’m also making these for my college daughter’s roomies and I think they will love them! (The Filipino curse word is bleeped in the photo–talk about personalization)


Congrats. Those turned out very nice and I’m sure the recipients will love them.


Those look great! I like those square shaped glasses the best. Nice job!

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Here it could have been a learning experience for the Filipino-language deficient people like me. Sigh.

They look great :smiley:


Those look awesome! I’m glad you got it to work for you. BTW - What is it with college daughters, roommates and shot glasses? :laughing:

I’ve had problems on and off with snapmarks, some combination of these have helped me in the past (I think some/others are listed above):

  • Make super sure you didn’t accidentally scale the design or move the snapmarks
  • Make sure the material height is set correctly for the jig
  • Try setting the focus point directly over a snapmark
  • Orient the jig so the snapmarks are nearer to the center (under the camera)
  • Watch for glare or weird lighting streaming into the top of the glowforge

Nice work!