Stacked 1/4" MDF Base for LED sign



I made an LED strip base out of layered 1/4"MDF for my light up sign.

Here are the five layers.

First layer I mounted the LED strip.

layer 2 cut to accommodate the shape with the cord and connector.

Layer 3

Layer 4 less wide for the acrylic to sit on.

Layer 5 painted black and thin to slide and hold the 3mm acrylic.

LED lit up.

Acrylic cut to fit snugly in the base. Lower right corner shaped to accommodate the LED strip connector.

All put together.

Final look with LEDs on. :grin::grin:

ProofGrade Projects and Pre-Release Glowforge :glowforge: mini acrylic LED sign
Edge lit acrylic question

Wow. Looks GREAT!!! Well done!!


Total cost to make…just under $10. The sign is 10.5" x 7".
Much smaller ones go for $40+ on Etsy…Ive seen custom ones like this as high as $80-$100


Wow. That’s amazing. :slight_smile: Yet another way to see a few bucks. :slight_smile:


You are so generous to share your pro tips with us–thank you!


Envious of the talent here. So envious I turned green, oh well.


I’m just making it up as I go along…lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Awesome, what’s your source for the led’s? If you don’t mind sharing.



I’ve bought a bunch of led strip/tape lights on eBay, too, and gave never had any problems. Shipping is quite slow, though.


Are those usb or 110 plug in? Very nice job btw!


I have three types USB, battery powered and 12v with adapters for 110v wall plugs.
I used the 12v wall plug on this sign.


The best usually are :clap:


… intuition based on years of experience! A primary source of serendipity.

That is exactly what I need to do for that acrylic image from the '84 world’s fair.
Thank you Laser Lady for the plan! :thumbsup:


Great structure for the base. I was thinking of all different ways to build a box for a base. I like this much better. It will add some weight to the base vs a box, probably directs light better and secures the lighting components well. I may do one with a pyramid stacked base for additional visual interest when the light is off.

Thanks again for the inspiration!


Exactly why I designed it this way. The acrylic base I made earlier was not very heavy and I felt the acrylic made it top heavy.

I also thought of the pyramid or even cutting shapes or patterns (waves, zigzag, rounded edges etc) instead of just a straight line rectangle to make the box more interesting.

I’ve got one more idea I’m going to try today and will post…I’ll post success or failure either way…:smirk:


Thank you! Both are valuable learning experiences.

I am also looking forward to using the neon colors, the green strikes me. They almost seem to floresce when edge lit.


Great, surprise us. I think I know what it MIGHT be. If it isn’t, I’ll post my concept (no laser, no actual project :cry:).

Glad you are having fun, I remember a post quite awhile back that you said most lasering was for your stencil business. Back to being very creative now!


That is so friggen awesome!