Standard Indexing

Will the glowforge be able to use indexing methods other than the camera?

For example, if I made a jig to hold business cards in a specific space in the bed, could I just keep re-running the same job with a preserved material position or will I need to re-index with the camera for every job I run?


Good question, rerunning many jobs would be good. @dan feature request?

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I’m really hoping there is a “repeat” button or something for sure.

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I think it’d be a huge miss UX wise to require users to manually position at the start of each job. I’d be really surprised if there weren’t stored and repeatable jobs in the software, or at worst, as a planned feature.

Yeah, what I would like to see is a “save project” on the web interface so once you get your speed, power and position worked out, you can save it and come back to do re-print it. :slight_smile:

When you load the file, the parts are in a pre-set location. So absolute worst case scenario, you adjust your file before saving to match your jig, or you adjust your jig to match your loaded file.

But yes… it will be nice if there is a standard offset for the home position.

Good suggestion - into the feature hopper it goes.


Since their are plans for the software to support corners as fiducials for flipping, what about stickers that have special fiducial registration marks.
These could automatically match the equivalent marks in the drawing.
Then you could make a jig, put the stickers on the registration marks, and the software would register the drawing to the jig.

The key being if you have to remove a jig to run a different job, you don’t lose registration when you put it back in.


Excellent suggestion. In the hopper!

Before we have these stickers one workaround for thicker materials is to add small dots for your drawings e.g. in the corners. The next step is drill through those 2-4 dots and voila; you will have new markers exactly in right spots for the flip side of your material.

This is a backup plan if the software auto adjustment doesn’t work properly or if I want to be 100% sure that flip side is adjusted very sharply.

Gonna need a bigger hopper. :wink:

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We keep the hopper in the cloud.