Stickers, Anyone make custom ones?

So, I have been creating a lot of sticker creations lately with a tool called cricut to hold me off until my glow forge arrives (oh how I cannot wait, I have so many uses for it lol). Anyways, does anyone else here make custom stickers or creations with them? Hopefully I don’t go over board but thought you all would like to see a few of them.

Here is some before and after photos of stuff I made:
Shinedown wall art.

Beer nut tin from christmas, I turn’t into a knife case.

Deer Wood Art (made from free material).

Walking Dead.

Wife’s Tone it up program.

Dragon Ball Z.

Christmas “Bows”

Confused Panda… one of my first creations


Awesome job! (I’ve done a few.) :relaxed:


You should post them, if anyone does them let me see what you got.


@jbv has made a few… :wink:


They wouldn’t be very interesting to most folks…the only one I took a photo of was the company logo on some shotgun shell thermos prizes that we handed out at skeet shoot competitions for our customers…

(That logo is a pure pain in the tushie to weed too…)


Very nice! I sell decals (as well as t-shirts and a few other items) at local stores and subcontract for a local print shop. I mostly do full color but have done some cut vinyl like yours. Earlier this week, I printed 1250 decals that were part of a dental health program. Took 14 hours of machine time.


I’ve made some but using the Silhouette Cameo (I just picked up the new V3 from my mailbox.) Let’s see if it is better.


Couple a’ :no_mouth:

Nice work! You should add it to Show and Tell… and check out @jbv.


Aw, thanks @dwardio and @printolaser! I do cut a lot of vinyl. I just got back from installing this in a lab at UC Davis:

I often do vehicle lettering and graphics, this one was two weeks ago.

Its a tall truck, and was a bit of a stretch off of a ladder to get the banner positioned and applied straight. I had a good supervisor puppy.

Bonus points if you recognize this sign without searching. I don’t sell them, but I have one over each sink at the shop.


Pro stuff man. Really like that first one! Your design or theirs?

Curious when you wouldn’t sell those - when there is a deep need for that message?
They would sell, particularly those who get it. I don’t. :thinking:


My design. I had made them neuron stickers before, and they asked me to put neurons in the name of their lab. This was the version that they wanted. Their research involves neurons.

The bottom one i wouldn’t sell because it’s not my design. It’s fan art/replication. I don’t go there.

6 Likes (NSFW text on knickers) This is me. Most of the T shirts and knickers are done using heat vinyl. Using Stahls vinyl and Silhouette Cameo.


Looks great, I take it you have a much bigger machine for those? If you don’t mind me asking what is the machine name? I would love to do much bigger designs like that.


I have a Graphtec FC8600-100 which allows me to use up to a 48"-wide roll of vinyl.


Holy moly! I’ve got a 24" Roland GX24 and it’s really too big for my needs. I can’t imagine finding space for a 48"!


@jbv and @cynd11 nice! I would love to have either one of those, thanks for sharing! Is that your main source of income, as in do you do it for a living or just do it on the side for extra?


The plotter accounts for a significant amount of business at my graphic design studio/sign shop.


So cool!!

These are a few I’ve made on my Silhouette Cameo that I had posted in the Show and tell area of the forum:

Have you tried cutting multi/layered colored stickers?


I bought my wife one about a year ago. She uses it daily to make decals and uses those to etch glasses. We also were given a heat press, so she make t-shirts and pillows for our kids. Even puts their names on their stuffed animals. Those little machines do a great job.