Sticking stepper motor?

Below are a couple of pictures of the first cuts (the Gift of Good Measure Keychain and the Pendant Blank from the catalog) with the GF I received earlier this week. During the jobs the stepper motor located on the front left side of the machine appeared to be sticking and not moving smoothly compared to the right. When the machine is off and the head and rails are moved by hand there is no appreciable sticking or slipping, I don’t think it is a belt tension issue. Has anyone else experienced the right or left stepper motors sticking and resulting in wobbly cuts, scores and engraves? Is there any way to try to better diagnose the problem or fix it?

And here is a close up

Awww darn. Sounds like a grub screw didn’t get tightened or came loose during shipping. I’m guessing the one holding the gear to the stepper motor shaft. You’ll need to wait for support to weigh in, I imagine.


I did and they had to replace my machine…:cry:

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That has to be disappointing. It’s nice that theyre so quick to issue replacements when there is a problem, but it still sucks to have to get a new unit.

I’m so sorry! We’re going to need to replace your unit.

We’ve already followed up to your email and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.