Stock on Calibration-Flashing Orange Light

Have done every step that I was able to find on here and i’m still stock on calibrating what else can I do

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What does stuck on calibration mean? Is it just the UI? Is the head moving? We’re you ever on line? And a bunch of other questions. Need specifics.

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Having the same issue. I’ve tried everything too. I hope this isn’t an ongoing problem because once warranty it over what are we to do?

Ok the head is not moving at all after it’s been turned on and at the camera position. As many have suggested to do. I’ve restarted everything from the internet to the computer to even change to an other wifi connection. Unplugged the forge and replugged it. To let it sit for over an hour on. Logout interface to even delete some work from my folder thinking I had to many big designs on my cloud to even change from my computer to my Ipad to see if maybe that and nothing. But one thing I can say is that today or since last night it has been windy where i’m at and maybe that has something to do with my internet cause I haven’t have any problems before. The thing is that the job I was printing prior to this happening was pretty big and I was doing it in stages and it started acting out in the middle of the first part of the engraving. And it stay on calibrating the whole time

Do u have basic or pro? I have a pro and up to now I have only 2 months in so I still have some time before the warranty is over and I hope i get fixed soon cause I really need my forge

I have a basic. I’ve had it less than a month. It’s now been 24 hours and I haven’t heard anything from support yet. I need mine too because I opened an Etsy and can’t fill orders if it isn’t working. :expressionless:

Now being logged off and all it’s flashing orange not sure what that means

Even though it’s a similar issue, you want to go ahead and open your own case about this. This way you don’t hijack @tutush75’s thread, and equally important, you get the support you deserve.

Do you know the temperature of the room? You may be encountering a high temp alert but you’re unable to see it since it won’t connect. You want to have the temp somewhere <=75ºF.

@Tom_A Thanks! I did already, still waiting to hear!

@tutush75 So strange! Mine hasn’t done that but I’ve been mainly leaving it off.

Ok thanks cause is a lil hot in the room the forge is now will turn the ac on and see if that will help

Just saw you have a Pro. That can handle much higher temps. But still you might want to note the temp of the room.

(I don’t recall the high temp point for Pros. You can search it out, but somebody else probably knows and will state it. :slight_smile: )

I’ve asked @Jules if maybe they knew what it meant and even they did’t know so now i’ve just have to wait and see if I would get an answer from support. Also no longer flashing now it’s solid orange

It might just have paused for temperature. We don’t always know what the cause of the yellow/orange button is, but it will sometimes tell you on the app, next to the Print button if it is a temperature related issue.

Does the app say anything there?

I haven’t logged back in yet but in another threat i was able to find some info about it and it has to do with temperature

Well go ahead and log back in to see if it says anything. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now that i’ve logged in it’s saying about cooling down

That’s probably it then, if you just wait until it finishes cooling off, the print will resume. What is the temperature there? The Pro units are good up to 81°F.

About 79 but the forge is in the room upstairs and it gets a lil hotter up here since is closer to the roof but i’ve turned the ac on up here just waiting for it to cool down but it’s sill going between cooling alert and calibrating .

Yes, the machine gets hotter than the air around it when it runs - it’s just gotten overheated.

It won’t do anything else until it cools off enough. Running the AC should help to speed that up.