Strange SVG result

Has anyone seen this sort of behavior before?

Here’s the source SVG:


(right click to download)

A screen shot of how it looks in inkscape. nice smooth curves:

And now what I see when I score/cut, with two problem areas circled:

If anyone has a few minutes to test this file, I’d appreciate it. It would be good to know if it’s my machine or the file.

I already emailed GF support, so we’ll see what they say.

I would try more cuts and listen and watch closely. It cannot be the Inkscape as you have so few nodes to make that a possibility. If the machine is dragging a bit at that “Y” location and headed in that direction it might cause the chattering. Cutting several circles at the same speed as that was (on scrap?) should tell the tale. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll let you know in a second. Waiting on the machine to settle itself

Super smooth, watched the whole thing, no issues.


I did. There’s something funky going on with that curve in particular.


Try copy and paste(reverses the direction of the cut) and rotate?

Re: more cuts — It was part of a mandala layer and the problem happened on 4 locations which are symmetrical.

The symmetry of the thing is really weird and makes me think it’s in the svg. So I broke it apart and isolated the right upper corner problem area, and it’s entirely reproduceable.


What setting did you use? I am about to run it slower and see if it changes things. My tests were at 350 speed 15 power. I’ll throw it down to like 200 and see.

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I used proofgrade medium draftboard setting, since I was cutting on draftboard

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Hmm so that’s like speed 170ish on a pro. OK testing the slower speed now.

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Yeah, my speed is 168 and full power for proofgrade settings.

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I’m actually a bit sad to see what these came from. I honestly thought they were little elf shoes. :rofl: :rofl:


Welp, there it is.

200 speed no waviness. That’s … not great. We should get reliable placement and cutting at all speeds, this isn’t cool. My belts seem tight enough, this is discouraging.

And they can always be elf shoes in your mind, tbh that’s probably better anyway. :slight_smile:


I have seen such weirdness happen only at specific angles and speeds that strain limits or getting the balance right of two drives working together.

blowing up the image I see a lot of other places that I presume are chattering. And at different rotations the chattering is different.

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Yeah some sort of harmonics thing, looks like.


One last thing, @cmadok (or anyone who has a minute), can you score it at 350 speed and see if you get similar jankiness?

I’m off to see the doctor be unfunny and leave me in fewer stitches than I walked in with. :slightly_smiling_face:

I scored ad 300/41 no issues.

Sure, will do. Sorry, was taking the dog out.