Stuck "Centering the head of your glowforge"

My glowforge completed a job successfully – about 20 minutes run time. A message mentioned needing to cool down a bit longer – which was odd because it was an easy engraving job on veneer, and i am running the air filter.

I waited a while and nothing changed. No new bed image.

I power cycled the glowforge, relaunched the browser, and it’s now stuck on “Centering”

When I power cycle the machine, on reboot, I get a few of the whirs and clicks, but no motion.

So Far:

  1. Refreshed the browser/dumped cache.
  2. Waited.
  3. Power cycled the glowforge
  4. Powered down the glowforge, unplugged from electric socket. Waited a minute. Powered back up
  5. Reset wifi with, and according to the interface making a successful connection-- everything else in the studio is working fine with the same WIFI
  6. Verified in my router admin that the glowforge is making a wifi connection
  7. Cleaned the camera & laser lenses
  8. Unpatched and repatched the head cable
  9. Cleaned the laser tube.
  10. Visually checked the ribbon cable connections (5)

I found a few other posts, but nothing with a solution.
I checked all the ribbon cables via this post

My machine is #YRW-443-3


Excellent description of the actions you’ve taken…that’s going to speed things up once support sees your post. :slightly_smiling_face:

If it is the lid cable they will need to take over from this point. Good luck!

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Turn off your Glowforge, open the lid, and turn it back on. Let it sit there for 10 minutes or so before you close it and try to access it via the app.

Outside of that. I think you have it covered and would need Gloforge tech support.

Support will ask for pictures of each connection.

Hi @andybattphoto,

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.