Stuck in Focusing

I finally have a ventilation source to be able to use my Glowforge only to find that it will not stop trying to focus. The head does not move at all on its own. Yesterday after about an hour I sent an email and was instructed that it was likely a wifi issue so I went today and got a wifi extender and have it right next to the GF. Also just wanted to add that after adding the WiFi extender, I made sure that everything is clean, took materials out of machine, moved the head directly below the camera, made sure the pins on the head where the white tape goes are all straight and look as they should (after seeing this in the community), turned off and unplugged machine, cleared the cache in my browser, turned machine back on and it’s still stuck in focusing. Very frustrating that I cannot use this right out of the box.

It might have just gotten hung up…I usually try this:


Ok. I will try this in the morning. Thank you. I will reply with my findings after I do this.


Did that and still says Focusing.

I started up my unit this morning after it hadn’t been used for a while and it took a full 10 minutes to get ready. Most of that time it looked like it was stuck focusing or centering.

What is happening is the GF server isn’t getting a good communication with your machine. It is likely due to your WiFi or internet connection. I suggest turning off your internet and WiFi hardware for at least 5 minutes. Then start with your modem and turn that back on. Wait until all its lights have stopped flashing, and then move to your WiFi hardware, starting one at a time and ensuring they are fully booted before moving to the next device. Make sure the GF is off this whole time.

If that doesn’t resolve it you may need to wait for support to review the logs.

Thank you, Yes this is what I did. Was all even unplugged and off for like 10 mins because I forgot about it. I have never been able to even use it yet since I got it. :cry:

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.