Stuck on Centering, An All Too Common Issue

My unit is stuck on centering, an all too common issue that I have read on the forums. I have been struggling with this issue for nearly 18 hours. I was running this unit yesterday morning with no issues and then after one job was finished I went to go load the next and it just wouldn’t continue passed centering. I let it sit for hours and nothing happened. Then I tried the following:

Things I Have done:

Turned the unit off/on
Checked Internet Status
Checked WiFi Signal Strength
Restarted WiFI Router
Turned unit on with laser head under camera
Turned unit on without tray inside
Turned unit on with lid open
Setup GF as New
Let GF sit for hours while on
Let GF set for hours while of
Checked ribbon connects on the camera
Checked ribbon connects on the back of unit
Checked ribbon connects on the Laser head

Cleaned laser head connectors
Cleaned camera lens
Cleaned magnet contacts
Got Frustrated and Stopped

I have a 2nd Glowforge that is about 2ft further way from my Wifi source but is next to the 1st Glowforge that is having the problems. Despite being further away, it operates with no start up problems and is able to run jobs. The 1st unit cannot get through start up and will not accept jobs.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.