Stuck on "cooling"

It is stuck on “cooling” even though it is mid 60’s in the room. After I finished a print the button turned yellow. I turned it off and let it sit for a while and tried again and still the button is automatically yellow. I’ve searched forum and tried everything mentioned.I have emailed support@glowforge and sent pictures of both ends of the connection of cable to the laser head and my exhaust set up, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to post in here as well just in case. I sent the original email yesterday and received the automated response, but I’m behind on orders and also have a show coming up so the sooner I can get it figured out the better.
I’ve let it set overnight

Cleaned the fan

Cleaned the air assist fan

Made sure the exhaust hose isn’t obstructed

Made sure the ambient temp isn’t too warm

Made sure there are no obstructions on the right side by the air intake vents

Light turns yellow as soon as the fan kicks on after powering on.

Laser head does not move.
I’ve checked connection of the white cable to the laser head.
Powered off and restarted my computer.
Cleared browser history.
disconnected from wifi then reconnected.

Check the cable connections following the instructions here:

If they are all flat and connected, wait to hear from support. They will need to look at your machine logs. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The cooling system pumps liquid thru the big glass tube that encloses the laser, you need to leave it powered up so that the liquid can circulate.

Not saying that’s the issue here, but turning it off is not going to cool things down any faster.

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this one is the only one that maybe looks like it could be a little off at all possibly.

Does look a little bit canted, doesn’t it? (I’m not sure whether that’s too much variation though, so you need to hear from one of the support team. They’ve seen a lot more of those than I have.)

They’ll let you know whether to adjust it or not. Don’t try to do it without instructions…it’s easy to break parts or fry the boards with these things. :grimacing:

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Thank you! Hopefully it will be soon. Why is it always the worst possible timing? lol

Fact-o-life. :smile:

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’ll work directly on it there. I’m going to close this topic.