Stuck on Focusing Head

It is stuck on “Focusing Head”

I’ve done all the usual… rebooted… cleared cache… switch off my machine and the GF and the router… held down start button till its turned Teal, then reconnected with my mac… done pretty much everything on this page apart from connecting it to my mobile:

Can anyone help?


That last one… connecting to your mobile hot spot might be needed to verify it’s not your router. I’d get that ruled out before support pops in here so they don’t ask you to do it.


Also the middle section is all about cleaning your machine - it needs to physically see the logo on the top of the head in order to complete. Did you do that part? (Sorry, “pretty much” means we don’t know what you’ve done outside of what you listed.


thank you for replying

My mac though is connected to it… thats what holding the starting button down for 10 seconds and reseting the network connection does… I’m not sure what connecting it to my mobile as a hotspot will prove?

thank you also for replying… yes apologies for loose terminology

Everything on that list apart from the mobile because already reset the router and reset the connection from my mac to the GF

I’ve wiped the camera and the GF logo… I’ve cleaned all the lenses… I’ve checked the 5 white cables

This happened a few weeks ago and I did the button thing and reset everything like today and it worked

But not today

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By passes your home wifi. The GF gets to the internet through the cell towers and not you local network. Just a check to rule out intermittent wifi issues.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.