Stuck on "focusing" Saturday, now stuck on "Centering"

I’ve noticed a handful of others post this weekend about an identical issue I’m having. Saturday, I could run a job and it would go to “scanning” and stay there. I’d have to turn the machine off/on and it would center and fix itself. As of Sunday, this has stopped as well. I turn it on, it makes the usual sounds, but never moves. I get the message “lid open” if I open it, etc. I’ve restarted my modem/wifi, changed the wifi channels, and a handful of other options I’ve read in the forums. Not sure if it’s from an update since I’ve seen close to a dozen posters with identical issues this past weekend. Send an email and waiting to hear back on how to proceed. :frowning: Hoping to get my holiday orders out the door without much delay, I’ve gone ahead and emailed all my customers that there will be a delay. Not sure if anyone near SC has some spare machine time for me to use? :innocent:

Not any kind of update…mine’s been running full out all weekend.

You might want to run through the general checks listed here, just to eliminate problems that you can deal with yourself.

Have you cleaned your computer & the internet cache?
Also when I find I get painfully slow, it’s usually due to Firefox trying to do an update–close your browser and reopen that.

Anything in the path of communication for the GF to the cloud, and your communication to home base so it talks to the GF can also result in stalls/sticks in the operation.

Thanks Jules! I’ve found that link and unfortunately nothing on there helped. :frowning: But as far as updates not affecting everyone, they do typically roll different updates out to multiple units at different times, so I wasn’t sure if it was something that’s affected only specific machines (ex: snapmarks when they rolled out)

I did try clearing the computer cache, and tried a different computer as well just in case. I don’t think I’ve cleared the internet cache though, would that be a Spectrum thing I’d need to request or just resetting the modem? I’m hoping it is something simple like that though, I dread having to change a cable out. :sleepy: I’m just getting panicky with Christmas orders (and my own gifts for friends and family LOL)

Cleaning the internet cache is part of the process of cleaning your computer–usually there’s a series of check boxes of what you want to do, though I am only familiar with CC Cleaner, which you need to select what you want to do–and it may have browser specific options too, so make sure you’ve selected the “clear internet cache” (and cookies is a good one to pick to) for the browser you use for your GF.

And if you aren’t sure if you have a dedicated 2.4gHz for your network, it’s worth calling your provider, as the GF needs it. Earlier in the year I had a router failure, and the Xfinity tech told me the system was defaulting to “band steering”–idea was to let each device pick the bandwidth it wants to use, rather than dedicating specific bandwidths to each device. I had to call the tech support to turn that off and let me set-up a dedicated 2.4 for the GF, and I have a 5gHz network set up for other devices…

The people impacted by those are notified in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

I did a speed test today and told me that google is experiencing huge outages in many major cities so…possible that’s part of it.

The GF has a very small bandwidth requirement. If you’re able to access the GF UI from your device, the bandwidth is fine.

The wireless connection from the machine to the local wifi router, however, is incredibly sensitive to interference.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.