Stuck on homing/centering for 12 hours

image Machine has been stuck on homing or centering for the last 12 hours. I have tried
-cleaning everything
-leaving on for an extended of period of time to help catch up
-turning off, moving print in front of camera, turning on again and letting load

at one point I did get past the homing and tried to print two rectangles for a cut of 4 minutes. The alignment was so off it put the rectangles almost on top of each other and started charring so bad the room filled with smoke out the closed passthrough slot. I have now tried for another 3 hours to get it to get past the homing/centering stage and still no luck.

Am extremely behind on orders at this point and need to be up and running ASAP

There was a performance issue this morning that has been resolved at this point, according to the Status page.

What time (and time zone) did you run the print with the charring? Pictures of the results will also help. Support will probably want to take a look at your logs. (This sounds like it might be something else besides the slowdown that everyone experienced this morning.)

If you want to run a few other tests while you wait to hear from them… the tests at this link sometimes eliminate other issues and can help you to narrow down what the problem is. If you’ve already done parts of them, just let them know the results before they check the forum.

Hi @clayton.april - I’ve just come across this topic. Since you and I have already connected via email I’m going to go ahead and close this topic. I’ll make sure to notate the additional details you’ve shared here in that ticket as well. Thanks!