Stuck on "lid open" right after I did other prints

I did a few prints this morning and they were all WAYYYYYYYYYYY OFF. Wasted 3 pieces of cedar.

anyway, i got one finally right and now i’m stuck on “lid open”

i rebooted the GF, my computer, cleared caches and cookies, rebooted my router, cleaned the lid not sure what is going on. please look at my logs. I have a ton of mothers day stuff to print today!!!

For the placement that’s off (after things are working again), turn the GF off and back on to reset the head calibration, then make sure you’re using the new set focus tool in the target location before you print.

For the lid open error, do this:

Did all that and more. Still nothing. I cleaned out almost every spec I could find in there and still “lid open error” I reseated my machine, cleaned all the doors and hinges. Please tell me its not a hardware failure and can be fixed. Here are all the pics. Looks like they uploaded in the opposite way as requested.

Here are a few more. I turned off the lights for some of them to check the gap. There are no crumbs anywhere in the machine. I got a can of air and blew out even the dust. I wiped down all surfaces with wet wipes. Is there a reset procedure that can be sent to me to perform?

I will recalibrate once I figure out how to get this “lid open” error off of here. I woke up early so I could get projects done, I calibrated 2 days ago, today for some reason the prints were off by a few inches or more. I’d have to place my engrave over the object in the GUI where I wanted to see it, and then finally figured out if I hit the space bar 21 times DOWN it would move it into the correct position. and this was in the center of the machine, not off to the sides. Ive been up for 8 hours now, should have been 8 hours of projects, but nothing. argh. (thanks for your reply, I’m hoping staff reads this soon and can see whats up in my logs)

Thanks for letting us know about this, and I’m sorry you ran into trouble. It’s possible that we will need to replace the black cable connecting your lid. I just followed up via email with some next steps, so I’m going to close this thread.