Stuck Scanning and the entire carriage is making a thud noise

started my day by cleaning my machine, camera’s etc
turned machine on and the carriage that moves in the machine is at the back of the machine with the printer head on the far left, but when it is scanning the carriage is making an intermittent thud noise.
turned machine off and cleaned again
checked internet connection
checked white cable
checked everything I could think to look at
cleaned again
turned on…same issue
I have a video of the noise
machine stopped making noise but wont stop scanning

What model machine do you have?


Hmmmmnn. Not sure what could be causing it then…there’s a condition that can happen with the Pro machines where a cable can hang up on the fins of the heat sink, but the Plus machines don’t have them.

Can you shoot a short video of the thumping and the noise with your phone and post it on Youtube to show what’s happening? Support might be able to look at it and see what’s going on. You can post the link to the YouTube video here, and they’ll be able to go see it. (The forum doesn’t allow much in the way of videos.) Let’s see if I did that correctly :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, that’s hanging up on something. Can you look down into the left side with a flashlight while it’s trying to move and see if you can see anything on the track or around the pulley? If you want to take a closer look, turn the machine off and then try to move the laser arm forward slowly by hand and see if it binds.

nothing down the side, even blew air down there. moves freely by hand with power off

How about the electronics hidden down in the left side…can you see anything disconnected?

No scratch that…I watched it again…it’s trying to move left. (The head). Try turning off the machine, then move the head by hand out underneath the lid camera. Turn the machine back on and let it complete the startup calibration to re-orient itself. The head might be pushed too far back to the left…home position is actually slightly to the right and forward of the grid (corner) on the tray.


great idea - trying that

OH MY GOSH - you are a stinking genius. thank you so so much. you have saved my week. Virtual hug


:smile: Happy to help!


I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve hit this snag. I’ve extracted the log files from your Glowforge to review.

I’m so glad to hear that the advice @Jules provided helped! I can see that you’ve been connected and printing since contacting us, and working through those instructions.

As @Jules pointed out, it appears your Glowforge was not starting in the correct home position, as there were voids in the material inside of your bed, which was confusing the lid camera on your Glowforge. Performing the steps provided should help resolve the trouble.

I’ll close this ticket for now, but if you run into any more trouble, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly in the future at We’re here to help!

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Yeah, she just knows… Makes everyone else look dumb :rofl:


Pffft! (You made me snort my drink into my nose!) :smile: ow!

Carbonated? That smarts LOL

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I’m having the same noise, but the centering head didn’t help. It stuck in the "centering position. Please help. When it starts up, it appears to want to go more left or more right.

I’m having the same noise, but the centering head didn’t help. It stuck in the "centering position. Please help. When it starts up, it appears to want to go more left or more right.

Hi @neferene1, you are going to want to start a new thread in the Problems and Support section so that it opens a ticket for you. This one has been closed (or should have been after the problem was resolved) and that means that support might not come back and see your add-on.

When you open your thread, shoot a short video showing the problem. Stuck on Centering is not the same problem as was showing here. It’s going to need to be analyzed.

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