Stuck UI - Uploading - Scaning your material

Same as this closed thread: Stuck UI - Uloading - Scaning yout material

  • I turn on my Glowforge
  • Glowforge it calibrates itself
  • Open and arrange my design
  • Hit print
  • Stuck (for hours) on “Preparing your print”, “Scaning your material”, and “Uploading”

I tried opening a second window and hitting print there, didn’t help.

Latest try was March 3rd 2018 around 1:30pm PST

Any further advice or help? TIA!

Is it just that design or all of them?

All designs. But when I switched to another computer I was able to cut!

And after the Glowforge cut once from that other machine, the original machine I was using started cutting again too :thinking:

Hmmmn. Well at least you got it working. :grinning:

I’m so sorry your ran into trouble here and I’m glad you’re back up and printing. If you run into this again or have any other questions, please post a new topic.