Hi All! Has anyone tried to cut styrofoam sheets on GF?

I’ve cut foamcore, but not styrofoam proper. Why do you ask?

This post is great!
Good techniques latter on in the post too.


It is important to know precisely what you want to cut as some foamed plastics cut well, others do not and still, others have to be avoided altogether as they contain chlorine that gets released while cutting. So PLEASE know exactly what you have before proceeding.
I cut polystyrene artboard (sandwiched between paper) all the time with great results.


it’s also worth noting that some foams are fairly high risk fire hazards. Definitely know what you’re doing before you start.


If you are talking about the Styrofoam you get in packaging, be VERY careful with it! It is VERY flammable.

XPS or EVA foams are safer, but you need to make sure your settings are correct. The only fire I got in my Glowforge was from testing EVA foam! I was right there to put it out, so it didn’t spread.

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Ok-- never mind. I’m too afraid to try it. I wanted to cut it to create my own custom packaging around my product to fit inside the box. I’ll think of some other way. Thank you all!

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I used EVA foam in my dice box. It worked great! It was literally just a foam floor mat I bought.

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EVA foam is a good alternative, as well as polyurethane foam. I’ve had good results with both on a laser.

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Check out “Fun Foam” sheets from hobby/craft stores or Amazon. Works great for that purpose.

It’s a good idea to have a damp rag within reach when cutting something prone to ignite. open the lid, the gantry/head will retract and drop your rag on the flair.
My protocol is
Damp rag
squirt bottle
Fire extinguisher

In that order.


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