Succesful stainless steel flask engraving / marking!

Does it actually feel like engraving? Or is it smooth to the touch?

Quick question why are we removing the crumb tray?

Its not a smooth feeling but it doesn’t feel like a metal engraving either. It has a slight raised feel to it.

The flask are too thick to lay on the tray directly. The small fan housing would hit the flask while passing over it.

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so I would assume we need to lift it up so the camera can focus… whats a good height?

@kittski has a great diagram that explains it here:


I don’t remember at the moment, but I originally started this post and I believe I posted that somewhere in my mini tutorial if you will (for lack of a better term), Lol.

I removed the crumb tray and used one 1" thick melomine piece of wood and one 3/4" thick (both are pretty squared).

If you put your flask on top of those 2 pieces of wood, then you didn’t need to take the tray out. The tray is about 1.4" tall. If you had a 1" & 3/4" pieces of melamine then you’re already a qtr inch taller than the tray was.

When pulling the tray out, you only need to support the thing you’re engraving so its top is from 1.4 to 2.0" from the bottom of the machine.

That would be true if the two pieces were stacked. I used the melomine (since it is very square) as an edge level and laid the Flask on the 3/4" wood.
image /uploads/db6859/original/3X/1/a/1ab70b38dd16deb3008df979306b84d1002a29dd.jpeg

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Got it. Sounded like you used the two to build up to get within range of the laser.

The machined stuff (melamine, MDF, etc) are great for making squares and edge constraints like you did. The stuff is square and flat which isn’t always the case with real wood.

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Question? Is that painters tape then ceremark/brilliance? Are we suppose to do that?

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i suspect the tape is to keep the ceremark or whatever out of the threads and other places where engraving will not be happening. less cleanup and at the end of the day, if one wants to drink out of this, less chance of tasting ceremark (which I hear is delicious).


Well you wash the ceremark off and the engraving is quite a bit of distance from the mouth so… thanks for your answer I wanted to hear from the OP :slight_smile:

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Mark14 is correct. You don’t have to do it, I just like the cleanup ease and it keeps everything in line for me too.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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My husband was having great success using your setting on flasks and bottle openers and Brilliance Laser Inks. We went to do some more flasks & bottle openers last night and tonight, and it won’t mark. Any ideas?

When the head is moving all over the place and it doesn’t appear to be marking the first thing to check is that you didn’t accidentally switch your settings to default. The default power is 1 and doesn’t mark anything. It is really easy to do.

If it’s not that we need more details because the possibilities are wide open.

We both double-checked the settings as we are still fairly new and they were matched what we used previously (even have them as a custom setting). We wonder if we need to wipe them down with alcohol (though he never did that in the past), read that he needs to mark them sooner rather than later so will try that…other than maybe needing to do another cleaning, I am at a loss. Using 800/80/270 for settings.

Whenever you have an issue, you need to run a known-good file on known-good material. Support would have your run the Gift of Good Measure on Medium Draftboard. If that prints successfully, then the machine is fine and it’s your material or settings. If not, you have a machine issue that needs to be addressed.