Suggestions for the Hopper

I didn’t see a subject for this, so I’ve created one

  1. If the proofgrade stickers were printed on matte material then they would still be readable by the camera when directly under the light

2)(Fixed) There should be a scroll bar on the GFUI so when you have lots of pieces of art you can see them all (currently I’ve been zooming WAY out in my window) - using Chrome on Windows 10 in case that matters

3)(Fixed) A way to save our own settings for future use (Eg. when we’ve figured out the perfect settings for x non-proofgrade material, we shouldn’t have to write it on a pad, we should be able to save it to the GFUI)

That’s it for now!

Thank you guys, I love my laser,



These suggestions are all in the hopper now per my recollection. No, there is no way to see the hopper at this time.

I kind of assumed, but I couldn’t find specific community topics on any of them - this way they’re all in one place. Hopefully other folks will add their suggestions here making it easier to scan to see if it’s already been suggested :slight_smile:

I don’t work for Glowforge, so take these with a grain of salt.

  1. I believe the plan is to use a UV barcode that it’s printed on the masking for the PG :proofgrade:. At least that was the plan, not sure if it is still happening, but I haven’t heard anything to the contrary.

  2. A scroll bar would be useful, but you can scroll with your mouse wheel (or your finger off you have a touch screen, just tried this on my phone).

  3. I agree with this, this would be very useful! It’s a common request, too.

FYI, if you have more suggestions, you should post them to #problems-and-support. That category is actively monitored by @GlowforgeStaff, the other categories aren’t. They might eventually see these posts, but not guaranteed. Or you could tag people like @dan or @Rita.

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A (UV) barcode printed on the masking would be most welcome. I’ve run into problems when doing low-power double-sided engraves when I can’t avoid going through beta PG the stickers. You can see the “shadow” of the sticker afterwards. And removing the stickers is, well, not so easy.

Thanks for the feedback! Just saw this, but as Joe says, problems-and-support is the best way to make sure things are tracked.

Interesting point of trivia: we started with matte labels, but they smudged. These were chosen for their smudge-resistance, although they do have glare challenges. UV should fix everything when we can roll it out.

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Have you done anything to improve the recognition algorithm? In the early days a QR code that the GF could not read could be read by my phone looking at my monitor showing a screenshot of it in the GFUI posted in the forum. I.e. several levels removed from the original digital camera image.

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I’m not the heaviest user of proofgrade materials, but I’ve never had an issue with the QR code not being recognized. I’ve had my unit since the end of August.

Yes, we’ve significantly improved recognition.

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  1. That would be cool as long as it was also visible to regular eyes

  2. It does! Crazy hard to do on the laptop I’ve got setup for my GF, but good to know it’s possible

  3. Yay

FYI - moved to Problems and Support (btw, the fact that this community allows you to do that #rocks)


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FYI- moving won’t generate a ticket in the support system. Support isn’t actually using the forums. Its the thread creation that opens a ticket in supports system for them to look at.

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