Super Glowforge survives battle with the Brown Menace! Kryptonian technology comes through for truth, justice, and the Maker Way!

Surprised that the SPU folks have not posted pictures of these gems.

As stated on the forum- The Glowforge is shipped in a foam ‘ribbed’ structure. Which protects the exterior of the machine. There are a couple engineering marvels on the interior.

These guys.

The threaded bits are to help locate and lock the X/Y assembly in place. The ‘saddle’ is used to prevent the X assembly from sliding uncontrollably. And the rubber bits acts as shock an absorber for the X/Y assembly and also protect the guide wheel assembly.

Mock Installed.

(*Note. The tray assembly should NOT be loaded in the machine if you plan on transporting it with the gantry locked. As it sits on top of the floor of the machine and does not lock in.)