Support hours

With the support line being down how long can we expect before hearing from a support email ? I was told Monday I needed a new machine and never another word . This machine is three months old from the exact same issue three months ago ! That time a replacement was at my house with five days . This time not even a return email saying yes rest assured your machine is being processed ! Beyond frustrated and of course support number is down and my emails are going on four days of not being answered !

don’t expect any reply until Monday. But if they are trying to get a machine out the door to you, they may not respond at all until they have word that it is indeed… shipping.


Hi @jillanna12 I apologize for any delayed responses. I can confirm that we have received your last email response for the replacement printer. The order is still being processed. I also checked to see if there may be any other troubleshooting for the issue encountered. Based on the review, the replacement of the printer will be the best next step to address this.

To avoid any potential confusion with multiple threads opened for this, I will close out this Community thread. We will follow up with you through the email thread, and apologize for any weekend delays with this. Thank you.