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@dan I have now been waiting 12 days for support to respond to my email with very specific cancellation and upgrade questions. Despite having escalated to you twice, I still have no response.

What’s going on? Could you please have support respond to my questions in a timely manner?

I understand that the recently announced schedule slip has placed a heavier load on your support team, but it’s ridiculous that I’ve been waiting this long for answers.


I hate to see this, as it generally is a harbinger of bad things.

Want to make sure you’re getting their messages… Did you get the auto-response saying that the ticket was generated? Or no response at all?

I got the initial auto-response acknowledging the message and then an email from a support team member that included a generic response which didn’t answer my questions. I responded to this email and haven’t heard back in 12 days, despite escalating to Dan twice via the forums.

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Escalate via email to both Support and Dan. He told me that he doesn’t see PMs here much or get consistent time on the forum to hit every message he’s tagged in. He said the most reliable way was to send him an email as he reads those everyday.

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Thanks for the advice. @dan responded to both of my forums posts, saying that support was unusually busy. Unfortunately, that didn’t translate into support following up on my inquiry.

I’m so sorry for the delay in responding to your email. We’re committed to providing prompt service and clearly we missed it here.

You should have received a reply to your email with answers to your questions and again, I apologize for the delay.

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