Svg files only want to engrave instead of cut

hey all. just got our glowforge and are having a problem getting svg files to cut, it just wants to engrave instead. if i use inkscape to do a simple circle or square, it will cut it, but i have a bunch of designs that were sent to me that are svg files that just won’t cut. any ideas?

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Any vector can be cut, scored or engraved just by choosing that option.

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SVG files are container files, and they can contain either rasterized (pixel based) or vector content.

Vector content can be either engraved or cut/scored. But pixel based content can only be engraved. (There are no vector cut lines for the laser to follow.)

If you want to create cut lines for the laser to follow, you can use an Auto-Trace program to vectorize the content in Inkscape.

Got a short tutorial here that explains it:


SVG files can have raster images embedded in them. Also it is the stroke that cuts not the fill. So make sure the image is really a vector and make sure it has been made with a stroke not fill.
Also, if it does not seem to work keep asking for help here. You will get lot of help here!


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.