SVG from illustrator turns into a raster image?


When I export a simple vector box (in Illustrator) as a .svg file, then import it into the GF app, it converts it to a bitmap, and dithers the line?
What am I doing wrong here? It’s a very simple svg file, and I’ve had success with other SVGs from outside Illustrator.


Sounds like a job for the pre-production/beta testers!


He’s got one, (pre-release)!


I should have said the other testers. :slight_smile:


Sounds like a job for Glowforge support. Send the original AI file and the SVG file to them via email.

(I’ve got an idea what it might be, but have no way to test it.)

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Will do! Thanks!


Oops, my apologies. :flushed:


So, you are probably hitting the “add artwork” button to add that file, which will convert it to a raster.

<—dont use this to add SVGs

If you go back to the designs page, add it there, then click on it to open it, it will then be a vector. Anything you bring in via the add artwork button will be rasterized.

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Hi Bob, I enjoy your YouTube channel(s)! Thanks!

Link to his main channel, for ease…


It is satisfying to see the help being given to others with pre-production units.

Thank you for engaging with Bob from “I like to Make Stuff”.


Oh!! Awesome! I’ll try that now, thank you!
That’s definitely something that should be documented for general use.


That was it! You rule, thank you!!


Yes, @takitus does rule!