Taskboard Masquerade Mask



My sister came to visit and one of the things we did while she was here was go to a masquerade ball at the EMP. Nobody in our group had masks, so we went mask shopping. There are a lot of cool masks out there, but my favorites were all very expensive and still not very comfortable, so I decided I would just make my own. On laser thursday I asked @Shell about making a leather mask and then wet forming it (which I had never done), and Shell introduced me to this new material we got in called Taskboard. We were excited to try it out since reading about it on the forum here. It is like a moldable, sandable chipboard. You can wet it and mold it into things and then dry it and it will hold the new shape. Also, it’s lightweight, has some flex to it, takes paint and glue beautifully and (most importantly) it can be lasered.

@Shell and I set out to make a mask out of it, using some plastic masks I got at a hobby store as a mold for the shaping.

@Shell drew up a mask outline with some feather and mask inspiration I sent her, we cut it on chipboard to test and iterate and ended up with a final design. Shell added extra ‘wings’ to add some dimensionality to the piece.

We cut it out of task board and got to molding it onto the mask. The taskboard soaked up the water really quickly and was super pliable. Maybe we used a little too much or not enough water because the double bend of the nose (around the face and outward horizontally for the nose) ripped a little bit, which we fixed up with some wood glue later. (Similar to @cgunderson ‘s experience) We sandwiched the mask in between the two plastic molds and let it dry some overnight, then taped it down to just the bottom mold and had it dry the rest of the way.

@Shell helped me pick out colors, and we spraypainted the mask down in the basement, adding a little gold to the top and edges of the base, and the inside of the wings. The taskboard soaked up the spray paint really nicely for a beautiful even coat… except where we glued the nose to fix the rip, which ended up being a shiny splotch right in the middle of the mask.

I had tried a mask I really liked with two chains running along the cheek bones, so I decided to add the chains and use a piece of leather to cover both the paint splotch and the chain attachment that I styled using elements of @Shell pattern and kinda modeled after the nose of actual birds. I used superglue to attach the wings, the chains, and the nose cover, and voila, mask!

I’ll try to get better pictures of wearing the mask if I can and update this post… here’s a super dark fuzzy one in the sci fi exhibit at the EMP:

Laser Thursday Nike Wings Gift

What a GREAT project. The mask looks fantastic!! Thanks so much for posting it. This is a type of project I hope to use my Glowforge for in the future.

Really, awesome work!


Totally cool! (And great save!) :smiley:


Fantastic…love the theme as well ! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Sooo Cool!
Great project, executed beautifully! Thank you for the pics and build technique, wonderful share! Looks great on you, and you sport one-of-a-kind.
You and @Shell make a great team!


Great project and gorgeous mask! I’ve been wondering about that Taskboard–it’s nice to see it in action.


Thank you! I want to try to make a mask with horns using it next… feels like the taskboard could scrunch in one direction relatively well and make cool organic shapes.

By the way, I should mention that it held up really well. I bonked it pretty hard a couple times getting into and out of cars and the tips of the wings show hardly any wear.


Looks great and you look like you stepped off a movie set. Thor’s cousin or something.


Great project and thanks for the detailed explanation of the process. This is a material I have been wanting to learn more about.


Great work, I learn about other materials to work with every time I read this board.


That new material sounds so versatile and really exciting for lasering. Thanks so much…I loved reading about your project. The mask is stunning!


Amazing work. I wish I could have made it, but I had friend that went to the ball at the EMP as well.


This is exciting. My children (16yrs+) all love to make costumes. This will come in handy. Thanks for sharing.


Cat woman and batman are envious that you are styling a mask better than they ever could!


I saw the wings going on it and thought:… ooooh, Hawkgirl!


Thank you everyone for the super kind words!

@wesleyjames It is very Hawkgirl! :innocent: I thought about making wings to go with it, but I only had one day to do it and I wasn’t sure where to start.


Very cool. I like how you covered up the splotch. No one would even know it was there.


This one time I made wings with a bent coat hanger base that provided hinges for flapping. It was a bunch of fun. I had to kind of hug myself to reach back and make them flap and they had a tendency to fold over to one side or the other, but I’m sure we could all improve on the concept. (Hello, Future. Hello, Arduino et al.)

:slight_smile: Wings are a fun rabbit hole.


Yes, Hawkgirl is much better than what I was thinking:


I too have made wings with coathanger wire. :slight_smile: