Temporary venting set up

My machine arrived Saturday but I haven’t opened it because I ended up falling down the rabbit hole of venting lol.

I’m currently staying with my in-laws and my work space is limited. I thought maybe I could work in the garage with the door open or just hanging my vent hose out my bedroom window but honestly I’m not sure what to do. I definitely should have done more research before purchasing the basic because this has ended up being a little too complicated for me :sob:

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I used mine for almost two years by just throwing a duct pipe out an open door when in use.


So just hook up the vent hose it came with and direct it out the open the garage door? Or even just hang it out the window?

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That will work just fine. Just try to reduce sharp bends - they cover that in the instructions.


If you do not block the smoke from blowing back in, you are going to stink up the house. You can literally cut a vent port out of cardboard or foam and tape that into the window. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does have to be sealed air tight if it is in the house.

There are many creative solutions for venting outdoors through a window, get some aluminum tape to seal around it, and it should be fine.

And you can do a search for “window vent” and find a lot of ideas.


… and stand by for the most creative experience. The accuracy and precision of the laser beam has no equal.


Ok. Break it down into steps and let us know what the issues are. We’ll help and let you know what is good practice and what might not be.

What is stopping you from hanging the hose out the window? Is it cold? Wet? Lots of folks have made some easy baffles to put the hose through. Used some 1" insulation foam and put a large tomato can through it. Hose fits perfectly on it.


I cut a box down and retaped it together as a smaller box that has the tube passing through it and just put it up in the window when it comes times to vent… the tape is pretty shabby at this point. I’ll eveeeeeentually get around to making a real window vent solution…maybe…possibly.


So what style of window do you have? I ask because some are easier to adapt than others. I used a piece of cardboard and a louvered dryer vent for nearly the first year. Then I upgraded to a painted piece of plywood and the same louvered dryer vent (I painted it too.)

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Nothing is stopping me in terms of just hanging the hose straight out the window. I just wanted to make sure it was a safe option. I’ve seen the window setup others have had but since it’s not my house and we are only here temporarily until our new place is finished I unfortunately can’t do those set ups that require you to alter the window.

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It’s a traditional window that slides up and down with a screen attached. Our bedroom is on the second floor.

You wouldn’t have to take the screen out for something like this. Imagine it in cardboard. You could cut it out with a razor blade.

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That’s dope! I’m going to try that tonight!


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