Terms and Conditions - Draconian


Do these new terms and conditions mean I cannot
resell products made with your proofgrade materials?


What clause are you referring to?


The click through I just went through to log on.


Which paragraph are you referring too?


You can resell any of your own designs made with Proofgrade materials. (People are doing it left and right.)


Dan mentioned the other day that the terms were being updated in conjunction with EU shipments starting, and that everyone would shortly see a new agreement appear when accessing app.glowforge.com. I guess that has started to roll out and is causing some confusion. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are parts that haven’t changed, but that people are reading for the first time.


Oh, I am sure people are selling, but I’m a little old school and honor my agreements. I am looking for an official statement from GF or a clarification of my reading. As the materials were shipped as part of my inital GF shipment I would take the view that those materials cannot be resold.


If you actually provide the paragraph or statement that is driving your question, someone could address it specifically.

However, GF cannot restrict your ability to sell products even if made with Proofgrade materials. They can restrict your ability to use the name Proofgrade in your product. For instance, you could say in a product description that something was made with Proofgrade material, but you could not use Proofgrade in the product name without potentially running afoul of GF’s trademarks.

EDIT to add that GF could restrict your rights to sell products you make using their designs, but that’s different than restricting it based on your use of Proofgrade materials.


I got a new pop-up agreement trying to access the website on my iPhone (just to check the shop, actually) but it didn’t have a visible “I accept” button even after scrolling to the bottom. :frowning: hope that gets fixed.


Chuckle! Well you know how legaleeze is…impossibly obfuscated for us regular human creatures to try to interpret. _(Maybe clarification from official sources wouldn’t be a bad idea.)

But I can’t imagine them limiting use of Proofgrade to our own personal projects…that would really limit sales in a highly negative way. I interpreted it to mean the design aspects of the service, or the physical machines themselves. (Parts, etc.)


Does anybody have this “it” to post? Sure would help answer the question more definitively.


Go to app.glowforge.com like @chris1 suggested above and it pops up.

(Aside from the additions of the EU wording, I didn’t notice any difference from the one I looked at when mine shipped, but it’s a lot to read through…I might have missed something.)


Indeed it does! Thanks!
TL;DR though. I am curious what part the OP is referring to if somebody feels like posting that section.


I’m pretty sure you need to read it and agree to it before proceeding. :smile:
(I’ve had to do it a couple of times this morning…didn’t take the first time…I’m such a criminal element.)


Copy and paste failed so I can’t get back to the pop up. However, the web site’s current T&Cs are similar if not identical. Is this the passage in question?


Probably this paragraph (I believe this is referring to the Glowforge unit itself and not to anything you make with it.):
1.5 Use of the Product; Glowforge Service. You represent that each Product you purchase is for your own use and not for resale. Use of the Product may be subject to local laws, regulations, and ordinances in your jurisdiction, including air quality laws, noise control laws, and other health and safety laws. You are responsible for complying with all applicable laws. It is your responsibility to determine whether your use of the Product complies with local laws, regulations, and ordinances. For example, Glowforge makes units available with air filters, but you are still responsible for determining whether the air filter meets any standards required by the laws in your jurisdiction. You may request information about the Product from Glowforge to assist you in making your determination, but Glowforge may not have such information available and will not be liable for errors in that information or for your determination. If you do not have sufficient information to determine whether your use of the Product will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and ordinances, then you should not purchase the Product. You must also use each Product in strict accordance with the applicable user documentation. The wireless hardware Product will not work without an Internet connection and an account on the Service. Use of the Service is subject to these Terms. If you violate the Terms, you may not be able to use the wireless hardware Product or certain features of the wireless hardware Product. Glowforge will not be liable for your inability to use any Product.


I do find it irritating that this pops up in the browser and immediately asks for a response with no method of downloading or printing out the terms first.


In both cases the phrase ‘product’ is referring to the GF itself and the phrase ‘service’ is referring to the cloud software. However, I don’t know if either of these is what the OP is concerned with.


Yeah, to me that section means you can’t swipe SVGs from the catalog.


These terms are more confusing then LGPL. There are already multiple interpretations in this post alone. :rofl: