Terrace Chair

One thing that I definitely miss after moving to South Carolina from Wisconsin is sitting on the Terrace at the University of Wisconsin Memorial Union on a warm summer night listening to live music and enjoying a few beers with friends. The Terrace chair is iconic to any UW grad, so I decided to make my own. Designed and modeled in Fusion 360, the chair was 3D printed on an Anycubic Kobra Max, and the chair seat and back is lasercut :glowforge: :proofgrade: thick acrylic. Just a piece of nostalgia for my personal collection.

When I worked at the University of Wisconsin in the summers at the Lifesaving Station on Lake Mendota, we would go down to the Terrace many evenings after work. I worked there for 25 summers, and captured the chairs through photography over the years. Here are a few of my favorite pics:

Pole aerial photography panoramic comprised of ~20 images captured from the Rescue boat. Pre-drone era low level aerial photography. This pano of the terrace has both a full moon and sunset, and was taken shortly before the Rhythm & Booms fireworks. I worked as a lifeguard on this pier in the summer of 1992.

I’ve done a few other designs that incorporate the Terrace sunburst design.


Holy smokes, I thought it was a real chair! What’s the scale on that?


17" Tall


I can feel the nostalgia from here; that’s an awesome memento. I love that sunup–sundown photo.


Wow that’s impressive!


Those turned out great. You used the full build height on the Kobra Max.

Did you use PLA or PETG for the print? I get good results with both, but still want to tweak my PETG settings. I’m going to try ABS next. I just bought a spool.


Wow, love all those bright colors! What a festive place! And your replica is perfect!




Just for curiosity I hunted one. I know any metal chair is higher cost than you generally are willing to spend, but I think they are taking advantage of the alumni here at a cost of $455.00 for a Terrace Chair (armless)
Nice compromise in making one for the nostalgia itch. (and you are probably now wishing you had liberated one during one of the beer runs).


We pulled the 2 green ones (pictured above) off the bottom of Lake Mendota when I worked for the UW Lifesaving station, and could have easily kept those. It’s more obvious that you didn’t buy them when they’re not red or white, so I just chose to not have to worry about it. I did a photo shoot with the green ones and then think we brought them back to the terrace. If I knew I was moving, I probably would have kept them. It wasn’t stealing, more like salvage off the bottom!


Nice project! I love all the photos … both chairs and shadows. Awesome.