Test Pattern Part Deux


Last year, there was a discussion about about creating a test pattern we could use for material that’s not ProofGrade (PG), or to calibrate our GF with PG material.

First, has the programming staff given any consideration to a built-in test pattern?

Second, if not, I have a few things I wanted to highlight:

–1) It needs to be a standard menu item we can select.
–2) It should engrave, score and cut in one project.
–3) All the settings should be presets.
–4) The settings should be carved on the material for each test. E.g. the ‘SD’ engraving into the material should have ‘SD’ and the speed/power setting.
–5) Most critical settings, IMO, are the cut settings. So it would be nice if there were multiple cutouts at various speed/power settings; plus a master cut designed to cut 1/4 wood stock, and goes around the whole test pattern.

What do y’all think?

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Support uses the Ruler ‘gift of good measure’ to do this.

It’s a known design and is always what they ask anyone having any problems to cut on PG materials.

For figuring out what settings to use on non-PG material, there’s a discussion at Dispatches from the front (Pre-release Report) - Cut Calibration .

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Thanks @Houdini7, that’s right. We used the Gift of Good Measure to make sure your Glowforge is printing as it should be. I’ve passed your feedback along, though, for any future tools similar to this.

I’m going to close this thread. If you have any other suggestions or feedback, please start a new topic or let us know at support@glowforge.com