Thanksgiving candle holder

Last week we were supposed to have Thanksgiving at my mom’s house, but on Monday she was hospitalized for gallstones (she’s fine and is out of the hospital now) so obviously she wasn’t able to host Thanksgiving as planned.

My great-uncle and great-aunt stepped up and put together a last minute Thanksgiving so I decided on Wednesday to make something to show my appreciation. My great-aunt likes candles so I used the parametric 3D model I’d previously designed in Fusion 360 to make this candle holder out of :proofgrade: walnut plywood:

The leaf/turkey/corn/pumpkin images were designed by Freepik although I had to modify the corn image some to make it work. (I used the others unmodified, although the turkey lost his face as I didn’t have the time to modify the face to work.)

And yes, my great-aunt loved it. :slight_smile: Thanksgiving dinner was great and my mom got out of the hospital a few hours later.


The four sides:

I should have taken photos of each side before assembling it, as the shapes would be easier to see, but oh well. Now I know for the future.

Just as with the last one I overdid the kerf compensation so I ended up having to do a tiny bit of sanding to make it fit easily, but then I overdid the sanding in a few spots. (Most noticeable in the tabs on the upper part of the right-hand edge of the side with pumpkin. Oops.) I should have it nailed down perfectly on the next one. :slight_smile:


Cool design and I’m glad everything’s back to normal! :grinning:


Nice job. However I am sad that you all missed the opportunity to have hospital food for Thanksgiving. The sadness is almost overwhelming…

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Well, at least my mom had the opportunity to “enjoy” some hospital turkey, as she wasn’t released until after dinner.

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Special gift for some special people!

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Very Nice.
Too bad about the aborted holiday plans, but you have something special to be thankful for. :sunglasses:

I guarantee you are the only one who will ever notice that. But since you are it’s creator you will never not see it.