Thanksgiving update


I can picture it as a Far Side comic for some reason :smile:



I was picturing XKCD, but I could see Far Side as well. :grin:


Haha, Yeah I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought “Maybe if I offer to pick it up myself…” but you’re right. They probably have to play Row-Sham-Bow for who has to go ask people to leave.


@dan Will you be releasing a shipping date or when will we be receiving emails about our specific shipment?
With the holidays fast approaching I want to squeeze out a holiday gift or two if possible.
If not and it is coming later in the month, want to make sure I am in town to receive my GF.



Dan has said that we will have a week or two after we receive the emails notifying us that our unit is shipping, and if necessary, we can delay it when we get the email. (Like if you’re planning to be out of town during that time period. Which I suspect I’m gonna have to do.)


I’ll be happy to watch yours for you if you need someone. :wink:


When I get my email I’m going to rearrange any travel schedule I might have…


Lucky you…my mother would kill me.

(No…worse than that…she would pull out the GUILT card. I’d rather take a shot to the brain.)


Ha. That’s why I did Thanksgiving with mom. I got some stored up credits to spend at home for Christmas. :grinning:


My mom is 95 years old. She lives in Tacoma, WA (I’m in San Jose, CA). She wouldn’t remember if I visited, so I can just remind her that I did and tell her how great it was to see her, and she’d be happy. :smiling_imp: I don’t know if I will see her after Christmas, but I am beginning to doubt it more and more. - Rich


I’m in a similar boat as @Jules, but maybe because of different reasons. I need to coordinate my holiday visit times with my siblings so we can all be home for the given Holiday (Alternates between Christmas and Thanksgiving). This year happens to be Christmas, and since we’re traveling so far to be there for Christmas and we don’t get to see them as often as I’d like, we tend to always spend about a week up there, which means Christmas to New Years this year. So I’m keenly interested in when the GF will arrive.

Part of me wants it before Christmas so that I have it, it’s set up in it’s place, and MAYBE make a present or two. But it will be waiting for me to come home (but it will be a TERRIBLE distraction during the visit). The other part of me wants it just after the New Year so I can have uninterrupted time to learn and use the laser.

I still don’t know what I’m going to say when I get that awesome email from dan asking what address to ship it to…(yes, I’ve thought about shipping it to my parents house, but I’ll have enough space issues with Christmas presents and luggage in a car already)


Fingers crossed for you (one way or the other). I’m coming up on 20 years past that particular problem.

Although that makes me think of another question: what kind of security is there on the GF apps, or should they only be on machines we can physically secure?


Ohhhh, yes! I’m the one without grandchildren for mom to orbit around, and both my siblings are divorced, so they have to share out the kids with their exes, and Christmas day usually involves a mid-day transfer of some kind with one or both of them, depending on the legal schedules they each worked up…

Bottom line…I get told when to show up for maximum exposure, and hubs had better shut things down and comply. It’s non-negotiable. (It’s getting to be quite a zoo.)

But…FAMILY. Wouldn’t have it any other way. :sweat_smile:


What do you mean? While anyone can send something to our GF, nothing can be printed without us pushing the glowing button.


ahhh. Well I currently have the youngest granddaughter, and this will be her first Christmas away from home. My sister is currently naturally 3D printing her own daughter (lol, love that description, thanks guys), so my daughter won’t be the youngest one soon. This is a non-negotiable holiday for us this year. But absolutely agree. It’s family and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


So any moment now we will get an update!!! Woohoo. (Key word “before”)


I think somewhere Dan said that the staff asked for an extra day so it’s on Friday now. :slight_smile:


Chuckle! Poor Dan…I’m surprised he’s not jumping at shadows by now.


I’m betting on Thursday. The original promise was “by the end of the month” which is Wed. “Before Friday” coupled with “an extra day” suggests Thursday :slightly_smiling_face: