The 3D engrave pt II


I know this could go in the update discussion thread, but I feel like it deserves its own thread. I saw this piece in person at Maker Faire and was a bit sad about the texturing on it. 3D engraving has long been an important point for me with the glowforge, and I was hoping to see the quality I had imagined. I was starting to come to terms with the fact it might not ever happen.

Then the email arrived today… I have to say im really overjoyed to see this. This is almost flawless. Well done! I cant wait…


Agreed, I want to see a lot more about this! This is one of the features that really makes the Glowforge stand out from the cheap Chinese lasers!


I’m twitterpated…


And to think, they havent even released the updated 3D engraving software yet, and may pull even better quality out of it by then… but this is amazing as it is!


That’s was/is definitely exciting!! Love the better detail and cleaner look. Amazing! Goes to prove that they’ve been busting their backs to provide what they promised and more.
And sorry, I don’t care if it’s a jpeg, if you can’t see the difference, well…


It looks like there’s still a little bit of dithering, but not nearly as much.


Th biggest issue I had with my 3d engraves is that the flat surfaces were textured. In this photo they’re completely smooth. I’m so excited about this!


Yea, I had made myself curb my enthusiasm a little because of the early examples, but seeing the progress they are making I’m letting this creep a little farther into my consciousness again. It’s obvious they aren’t lying when they say they really want to deliver a quality product.


I must say I’m really chomping at the bit to get access not only to this but also the increased positioning accuracy Dan mentioned. When, oh when?


The engrave is just AMAZING! :heart_eyes:
The Glowforge team has been pushing really hard and you can tell!

Thank You Glowforge Team - You Rock!!!


Ya this makes me really happy as well. 3D engraves are high on my list of things to try. I really hope we don’t have to wait too long to try it out.


Does anyone know if this engraving was done by the basic model or pro?


Yeah, the improvement is simply awesome. I love the sharper images/edges and finer detail. It’s exactly why I bought the GF.

Honestly, I have 1 project I want to do that I can’t do any other way and I’m eagerly waiting on this.

Oh, but that 1 project turned into 2 based on some other rabbit hole I fell down sometime earlier this year :slight_smile:


A Glowforge basic with the latest engraving code and proofgrade settings, which have not yet been pushed out.

Some other details:

  • Both were scrubbed for 5 min with soap and water to clean them
  • Both were done at 340 lines per inch (yes, you can go higher resolution!)
  • Both took ~ 2 hours if memory serves
  • Both were two passes

Video of the process:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 10, 2017

You guys have outdone yourselves…and I mean that well beyond the literal meaning.


Are we looking at the same photograph? All I can see is compression artefacts. @dan, please can we have a high res picture in the forum.


@dan, thanks for the clarification and extra details. Looks great!


I have a before from MF:BA. But even it the side by side in its current state you have to say you can see the difference between the left and the right. look at the glowforge logo in the bottom, so much less dithering there…


Yes it does look cleaner but to some extent it looks like it is due to being overexposed.

Even the high res version you posted looks to suffer from compression artefacts. I think this is actually pathological for JPEG compression because the engraving process produces high frequency features and JPEG works best on smooth pictures. So the features we are actually trying to look at are the ones the compression is distorting the most.


It really was a Basic?! You just made my day! (Enjoy that while it lasts, because my 'forge is “Out for delivery.” So you’re about to get way overshadowed. :wink: )

I’m a little surprised that there are new Proofgrade settings that haven’t been pushed out. I realize extensive testing is needed, but when should we expect those?